Set Up Your Blog and Get Yourself Online: Host It On Hostgator!

It has been a long story with this blog, and my personal troubles with not just depression but understanding technology!! Technology is not my friend. Computers and laptops hate me, mobile phones hate me and the internet (grey screen loyal) also hates me. I have struggled through the years to keep up with technological advances that I couldn’t have done it alone.  I needed the help of others to get my blog set up, to get hosting, to install plugins and for graphics. I am useless at technological things, in fact, I abhor them.

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Set Up Your Blog and Get Yourself Online: Host It On Hostgator!

Set Up Your Blog and Get Yourself Online: Host It On Hostgator!

So let’s get started. Now is the best time to set up your own blog or website, here’s a quick guide today to get you started…

What do you need when starting up a blog or a website?

First of all:


I needed those four, and the one that I had least of was patience. Times were tough, my computers kept breaking, I spent hours and hours in front of my computer tearing my hair out. That is the reality of blogging, most don’t always tell you. I was on the verge of quitting the blog altogether just because of technology, nothing to do with writing. Writing is easy remember, the hardest thing is the technical side of blogging.

In the early days, it was excruciatingly painful sometimes to get things moving. I searched online for options. We are going back eight years here to 2012. I searched different sites and different options and I have been with different hosts along the way. For getting things started, I recommend heading to Hostgator.

They make it simple for you. Basically, all you need to sign up will be the payment and an email address. After that, you can use Hostgator for so many things, it really saves you time and money to cut out the middle man. Open the door and see the mountain. Hostgator can do so much for you ate the start. Here’s what they can do for you if you simply sign up with your email address, send a payment and start your website journey…

    • purchase your required domain name
    • provide annual hosting (usually paid annually, but other options such as monthly and biannually are available)
    • provide SEO boost to get things started
    • get you started on WordPress (easy once you get the hang of it)
    • help with SEO
    • help with themes
    • host MULTIPLE sites for you (easier to manage on the same platform)
    • provide experts to deal with any questions
    • provide 24 hour feedback during problems

Get started with WordPress! Use the one click install to start that Blog you’ve always wanted!

So what are you waiting for? Get your blog started today, sign up with Hostgator and the worldwide web is your oyster.

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