Smart On-Call Medical Teleconsultation Healthcare Services – Easy| Secure| Fast

Are you experiencing a splitting headache after spending the whole night at the office? Or is your tummy upset after that overloaded dinner last night? Avail of doctor-on-call service and get rid of your problems. These 24-hour doctors and pharmacies are God-sent!

Communication for different healthcare solutions through a reliable call system offers timely access to quality medical care along with other benefits.

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Smart On-Call Medical Teleconsultation Healthcare Services – Easy| Secure| Fast

These interactive teleconsultations mean that the patients do not need to travel to see a specialist. Geographical isolation is no longer an obstacle to the basic requirements of quality and timely medical care due to the availability of doctors on call.

The Process

Speaking to a doctor regarding your health problems through an audio chat is called online doctor teleconsultation or online medical consultation.

Do you have a medical condition while your regular doctor is away? Just dial 118 418 and say “SANTE” for urgent medical assistance and out-of-hour doctor services.

Need to talk to a pharmacist to receive treatment and advice for minor ailments and injuries or require a certain medicine out-of normal working hours? Not a problem when you have the option to call 118 418 and say “ORDONNANCE” for on-call pharmacies.

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Smart On-Call Medical Teleconsultation Healthcare Services – Easy| Secure| Fast

When to Call 118 418?

You can call this number when you require medical assistance:

  • On Sundays
  • On public holidays
  • At night

This is a free call that helps you avail medical care within just a few minutes, 24/7 while also offering an electronic prescription that’s valid in all pharmacies. Whether it is for an adult or child, call this number directly and receive rapid medical assistance!

Major benefits of teleconsulting a medical expert include:

  • You get to consult a doctor at your convenience and within the comforts of your home.
  • You can even order prescribed medicines by calling 118 418 and getting pharmacy on-call
  • The pharmacy on-call service will help you find out the pharmacies on duty in your area. To order prescribed medicines, call the number and say “ORDER”.

The out-of-our, on-duty pharmacies respond to emergency public requests outside their usual opening hours and are recognizable by their green cross that remains lit during the duration of their service.

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Smart On-Call Medical Teleconsultation Healthcare Services – Easy| Secure| Fast

The agents at 118 418 will either give you the contact details of these pharmacies or get you in direct touch with them as might be convenient for you. Out of the 21, 000 pharmacies spread throughout France, 1, 300 remain on duty, open every night and on Sundays too.

Getting their services on call ensures:

  • Easy availability of medicines outside normal pharmacy operating hours.
  • Rapid response to urgent public requests following prescriptions from on-call doctors or hospital emergency services.
  • The pharmacies offer their services in the same area as that of the general physician on duty.
  • It is ethical and legal for all pharmacies in an area to participate in emergency on-call services.

Article L5125-22 of the Public Health Code has made it mandatory to organize on-call pharmacy services to meet the urgent medical requirements of the public.

However, it is important that you have a prescription from a dentist or doctor on duty for the pharmacy to deliver the medicines you request during emergency or on-call periods.

Reasons to Make Medical Consultations Online

Almost all medical specialties are conducive to medical consultations online, including:

  • Allergies
  • General Health
  • Mental health
  • Contraception
  • Stomach pain or other digestive issues
  • STIs
  • Prescription renewal
  • Coronavirus
  • Cystitis or urinary tract infection
  • Dermatology
  • Skin illness

24/7 healthcare options available in the form of doctor-on-call and pharmacy on-call do not involve making trips to the hospital emergency department.

They offer quicker responses for medical emergencies and both common and uncommon medical problems. Specialty doctors and pharmacies offer information about serious symptoms and illnesses outside business hours.

So, the next time you need help with an ongoing medical condition or an injury and do not have your regular doctor for follow-up, get straight to 118 418.

Here you can remain assured to get the emergency doctor and pharmacy services within just a few minutes without going through any hassle! For more information, visit

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