Backpacking in Colombia: A Stop in Sopo

Sopo in Colombia (north east of Bogota) will hardly be remembered as a famous historic site or place of interest in backpackers guides to the world. However I will remember it. Bland, poky and basic, it was from this town that I said my farewells to my Colombian hosts Julio, Paula and Claudia. On my Read more about Backpacking in Colombia: A Stop in Sopo[…]

The beauty of Laguna Guatavita in Colombia!

Backpacking in Colombia🇨🇴: Gorgeous Guatavita

Guatavita – a popular tourist town north east of Bogota is famous for its colonial buildings and its lake which may well have been a former volcano crater – and a big one at that. I went there with Julio Felipe, his Mum Claudia and his sister Paula. It was a hot day. I wore Read more about Backpacking in Colombia🇨🇴: Gorgeous Guatavita[…]