TAYTO! The Nicest Crisps In The World

Crisps are the ultimate easy snack aren’t they? They cost less than 50p (usually), and you don’t ever need to cook them. You can eat them in 5 minutes and you can get a variety of flavours. Surely everyone likes crisps? More importantly is the brand of crisps you eat – you have to eat TAYTO CRISPS. No other brand in the world comes close to TAYTO CRISPS. If you haven’t ever tried Tayto Crisps, then please try them, you’re missing out. Tayto are Northern Irish crisps made in Tandragee in Northern Ireland with Irish potatoes and a unique recipe. I used to eat them when I was a kid and now I’m a big kid and I still eat them!

Tayto come in a range of flavours, but by far and away the most popular is the yellow, red and white coloured packet, namely the world famous TAYTO CHEESE AND ONION. Absolutely gorgeous. No other crisp comes close. Tayto also do Wuster Sauce (deliberately mis spelt), Spring Onion, Roast Chicken, Salt and Vinegar, Ready Salted, Barbecue Beef, Smoky Bacon and Prawn Cocktail in their range of ‘normal’ potato crisps. These are available almost everywhere in Northern Ireland, and also parts of the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and England. I’m not sure about Wales. I’m not commonly in Wales. I have lived away from my native Northern Ireland for 5 years now and everytime I’m back I buy some Tayto to eat there and to bring back to England with me. I fucking hate Walker’s Crisps and I only ever eat English crisps because there is no Tayto available. Walkers crisps reek, Tayto rule supreme.

Tayto also brought us “Bikers” (spicy bike wheel shaped crisps), “Fives” (crisps which even until recently cost just FIVE PENCE a packet. Bargain), “Exy Oxys” (beef crisps in the shape of xs and os), “Rollers” (oniony type circular crisps), “Chips” (fake chips really) “Onion Rings” (shaped like and tasting like onion rings) “Whisps” (oddly shaped potato snacks in a range of flavours), “Ulster Fry flavour crisps” (a limited edition version tasting just like an Ulster Fry, Northern Ireland’s traditional meal, so good I kept the wrapper) and “Rough Cuts” (crinkly cut crisps in a range of flavour such as ‘cheddar cheese and chives’) and a host of others which I have left off this list.

It is always pleasing to support and enjoy local products and Tayto is one aspect of Northern Irish life that we all agree on – Catholics, Protestants, Hindus alike, we all love Tayto crisps. Even my English mates scoff the packets I bring over. They’re that good. At Kilmaine Primary School many kids got the chance to visit “Tayto Castle” and see how and where Tayto crisps are made, and meet the icon/mascot, Mr. Tayto himself. I never went on one of those trips and its something I’ll have to do someday. I love the crisps. I need to get a guided tour of Tayto Castle in Tandragee. My brothers been!

There have been many changes in Tayto over the years, but that Cheese and Onion taste of those crisps has stayed the same! 

I’ve just had a packet while I’ve been typing this, they are that good, and addictive. I’m not sure whether crisps or good or bad for your diet, but I reckon I eat a lot of them and I’m not fat, not overweight and in fact very slim. You won’t put on the pounds by eating a lot of Tayto, you will just learn to savour and enjoy the world’s nicest crisp. Get yerself a beg and enjoy them for yerself!

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