The Best Retreats Options in New England, USA

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The Best Retreats Options in New England, USA

Yoga, Hiking, Massage, Retreat Center, well New England has got it all for you.

Yes, sometimes all you need to do is get away! But, you cannot just automatically book a ticket to New Hampshire. First you need to find out all about the great escapes available right here in the backyard. Here are some of the best New England wellness retreats that you can visit when you wish to refresh yourself, renew your soul and get healthy. Perfect… take a look.

  • Canyon Ranch

For those who really want to pamper themselves, they should definitely pay a visit to Canyon Ranch, Lenox. It comprises of 40 fitness classes and activities in one day. Right from hiking, biking, outdoor activities, kayaking to a complete menu of spa services, it has everything. And, it doesn’t just end here, you have three healthy meals, fitness and nutrition evaluation, and astrologer and tarot card reading too. What more could you want.

The Best Retreats Options in New England, USA

  • Kripalu

Tagged as one of the best yoga centers of the region, Kripalu Berkshires retreats provide you with classes in its own signature style which lays great stress on meditation, yoga, right breathing techniques, healing lessons, yoga dance classes, mind and body workshops, outdoor activities and much more.

  • Migis Lodge

If you’re looking for a perfect family retreat, then this Maine retreat will work best for you. Bring your whole family together here for a perfect gathering. Right from group fitness classes, water sports, teen and kids activities, yoga, sailing, fishing to plenty of outdoor activities, you have a lot of things to enjoy yourself out. It is a perfect hotspot for families to retreat themselves.

  • Alton Bay

The retreat center at Alton Bay Christian Conference center in New Hampshire is just the perfect place for your group’s needs. Right from options for Church Retreats to family gateways, business retreats to men and women retreats, you have option for all types of refreshments and enjoyments. All you need to do is choose your style of lodging option and then enjoy your heart out. You will renew yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • Rolling Ridge

Majorly a conference center, this retreat is a perfect option for those who are looking for cheap individual retreats. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Andover, have meals of the chef-prepared dishes enjoy luxuries like massage, spiritual direction as well as reiki. So, why not get some cheap individual fun for yourself.

  • Sewall House

This family owned Maine retreat is famous for its yoga. You can come here from May to October. They offer you different varieties of yoga and meditation styles. Right from biking, hiking, massaging, water sports as well as relaxation, you can also enjoy sightseeing in this amazingly picturesque scenery. So why not give it a try and refresh yourself from the core.

Choose the one which matches your requirements well. However, if you majorly looking for Christian retreat centers, then Alton Bay is just the right place for you. Check out the site and get more details about it.


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