The Usage of Turbo Pumps Throughout the Travel Industry

Turbomolecular pumps have a use that cuts across several industries. They have a use case in industries as diverse as aerospace and food processing. In essence players in the travel industry can find these pumps useful too. To understand the usage of turbopumps in the travel industry, one needs to first understand the scope of the global travel industry. The travel industry is huge and covers everything from air travel, food packaging, to accommodation. All these are areas that need turbomolecular pumps. To better understand the relationship between these pumps and the travel industry, here are some of the uses of turbopumps in the travel industry.

The Usage of Turbo Pumps Throughout the Travel Industry

  1. To power gyroscope instruments in planes

Planes are an integral part of the travel industry. However, without turbomolecular pumps, planes simply wouldn’t move, and the travel industry would collapse. The main use of turbopumps in planes is to power gyroscopic instruments. These are instruments that help a plane gain orientation and also maintain angular velocity. Without them, planes would lose direction, and drop off the sky like rocks. In modern aircraft, these instruments are powered by vacuum pumps. Through a series of complex mechanical movements, these pumps are able to keep the instruments working. They are the backbone of the multi-billion travel industry.

The Usage of Turbo Pumps Throughout the Travel Industry

  1. To preserve food

Food is a major component of the travel industry. That’s because as people travel the world, they need to eat, and for industry players, the food needs to be stored as efficiently as possible, in a supply chain that cuts across countries. In this process of food processing and transportation, molecular pumps are used to maintain a sterile environment. Without these pumps, food would be contaminated and the travel industry would plunge into losses. For context, major hotels that are a core aspect of the industry would fail without molecular pumps. Molecular pumps work by maintaining a vacuum environment in the food storage chambers. This keeps away microorganisms that would contaminate the food if in contact with it.

The Usage of Turbo Pumps Throughout the Travel Industry

  1. To prevent leaks in critical processes

Like every other industry, the travel industry has lots of processes where leaks can lead to massive damage. One area where this is most applicable is in cruise ships. Cruise ships are a core aspect of the travel industry, with a single cruise ship moving thousands of people from one tourist destination to the next at a go. These machines are complex and if there are leaks in their systems, the entire thing would grind to a halt causing millions of dollars in losses. That’s where turbopumps come into the equation. These pumps are able to detect leaks in such a system and allow for repairs. This puts molecular pumps among the most important in keeping the global travel industry, specifically the tourism aspect of this industry, moving. The technology works by creating a vacuum environment to enhance the sensitivity and effectiveness of leakage detection sensors. 


  1. Export products packaging

There is a strong connection between the travel industry and packaging. That’s because the industry is about moving goods and people all across the world. In essence, if the packaging materials process were to stall, a significant amount of value would be lost in the travel industry. The production of packaging materials usually involves the use of vacuums. They serve two crucial purposes. The first one is the sterilization of the production process. This ensures that the packaging materials produced are free of contaminants, for the global transportation of food and other sensitive materials. The second one is identifying issues in the production process, and having them rectified. It is a similar process that applies to any other industrial procedure. The vacuum pump allows for the identification of issues in the production systems and deals with them before they cause damage to the entire system. This ensures a smooth flow of goods, services, and people globally, thereby contributing to the growth of the travel industry.


All the above factors make the turbopumps a top priority product in the travel industry. The best part is that these pumps, even at a small scale level, are readily available. They are also affordable. For a player in the travel industry looking to buy turbomolecular pumps, Provac is the best place to get one. This company has a variety of turbomolecular pumps and sells them at amazing prices. It also offers free delivery of these products all across the world. The best part is that the company offers technical advice to clients who buy the pumps but lack the knowhow on how to do it. 


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