Thirsty Thursdays: Drinking Petra Beer at sunset in Aqaba, Jordan

thirsty thursdays in aqaba jordan

Post sunset in Aqaba, Jordan.

When we arrived freshly into Aqaba in Jordan from Israel, I realised I was back in a strict muslim state and alcohol may well be prohibited in parts and restricted. But I forgot about Aqaba – it’s a city which attracts tons of tourists, a city that contains the borders of 5 countries in essence and it’s a tax free haven. So beer here isn’t in fact restricted, it is in fact CHEAP! This week’s Thirsty Thursdays is all about Petra Beer!

aqaba jordan petra beer

Petra beer in the off licence in Aqaba, Jordan.

It was certainly cheaper for drinking than in Wadi Musa, Petra and also all of Israel. We were staying in the Al Shula Hotel. We toured some of the city and saw a late afternoon sun over the charming Red Sea.

aqaba sunset jordan

Enjoying the sunset in Aqaba, Jordan.

Our hotel had a balcony overlooking the main Mosque in the city. We had a fridge in our room and the hotel had free Wi-Fi in the reception area. We stayed 2 nights in Aqaba. I enjoyed a Petra Beer both nights.

aqaba sunset jordan

The amazing sunset in Aqaba which has borders for about 4 countries.

As the sun began to sink on the horizon, I stared left left left towards where Saudi Arabia sits. I stared left slightly towards Egypt. I stared in front at Israel and Palestine. I stared to the right and remembered we were in Jordan.

petra beer jordan

The two types of Petra Beer – 8% and 10%.

I sipped a cold tin of Petra Beer. It cost me just 1.5 JD (Jordanian Dinars) in the local off-licence. I tried both types of Petra Beer when I was in Jordan. One was 8% alcohol, the other was 10% alcohol.

petra beer jordan

Thirsty Thursdays: Petra Beer and updating my travel notes in Aqaba, Jordan.

sunset petra beer

Loving my Petra Beer at sunset in Jordan.

As the sun sank and I sipped the beer I also realised it was almost time for my 10 year anniversary being away from Northern Ireland. We woke up the next day and headed for a Wadi Rum tour in the desert.

petra beer sunset aqaba jordan

Thirsty Thursdays: Petra Beer at Sunset in Aqaba, Jordan.

I enjoyed my Petra Beer in Aqaba, happy thirsty Thursdays everyone!

aqaba jordan sunset

The fantastic sunset from our hotel balcony in Aqaba, Jordan.

Here’s a few videos from Aqaba at sunset:

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