Thirsty Thursdays: The World’s Southernmost Irish Pub!

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The Dublin – The World’s Southernmost Irish Pub

I first used the term “Thirsty Thursdays” as a student when I had my own FM radio show on Nerve FM. Each day I had a different title for my radio show, and 9 years on from that radio show, I’m bringing back some of those themes in my new series of Thirsty Thursdays – these are experiences from bars, pubs, off licences, liquor stores and drinking experiences from around the world.

Happiness for me is a pint of Guinness!!

The term “Thirsty Thursdays” was also something used by a PR company I once worked for – Bite Communications – every Thursday night after work in London, we’d have a night out on the company – I used to attend almost every week and loved the free drinks and the high life of PR in London. But now, I’m writing about my travel stories related to alcohol.

Irish Pubs then? They are everywhere! Some are fake, some are owned by an Irishman, some don’t serve Guinness (my absolute favourite beer (or stout) in the world). One common theme however – they are popular and fun places to go. I already wrote about the Galway Irish Pub in Ushuaia. There is a bit of confusion as to which of the two pubs, “Galway Irish Pub” or “Dublin Irish Pub” is the furthest south. They’re only a street away from each other, so I’ll let them both have the claim. I had to visit them both anyway…just to say I’d had a beer in the world’s southern most Irish Pub.

The menu in the Dublin Irish Pub in Ushuaia

The Dublin serves it’s own beer, brewed locally and called Dublin Green, this stuff is decent. I spent two nights drinking in this pub with my mates from Antarctica. We were just back from the amazing trip to the cold continent and were partying away to celebrate the amazing trip. It actually got rather emotional.

A “Dublin” Beer – brewed locally in Ushuaia

As an Irish Pub, this one is typical – green and brown decor, wooden tables, square bar with beer, whiskey and the odd cocktail and decent food.

With my mate Russell having a green Dublin Beer in Dublin Irish Pub Ushuaia

When you are in the world’s southernmost ‘city’ (although this is debated along with Puerto Williams and arguably some Antarctic Bases), why not go for a beer in the Irish Pub. There’s 2 to choose from!


A Video I made in the Dublin Bar, Ushuaia, ARGENTINA:

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