Three Must Do Activities while in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Three Must Do Activities while in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a popular destination for doing a lot of activities and it also has several places, where tourists can know about the culture and traditions of Dubai. There are several people around the world who come to Dubai for doing adventurous activities like skydiving, scuba diving, parasailing and much more. In addition to all these activities, Dubai also has various tourist attraction places like museums, beaches, restaurants, world’s tallest tower and world’s largest indoor theme park. It is also an ideal destination for shopping as the tourists can get almost all the brands here. Every year, Dubai Mall sees a lot of tourists, who come here for getting the latest items. Dubai is the perfect place for doing all the adventurous activities safely.

Three Must Do Activities while in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The most popular activity that tourists prefer is desert safari as it gives a unique experience to the tourists visiting from the western countries. There are various companies offering desert safari and tourists can choose best Dubai desert Safari packages and spend their time in the desert. The desert looks astonishing during the sunset and gives the tourists thrilling experience. They can choose to do camel riding in the desert or try jeep safari. Both offer a unique experience as camels are found only in the desert. The tourists can do spend time in the desert only from the evening as Dubai has a very hot climate throughout the year. The tourists can have barbeque food watching the beautiful sunset and the desert safari company also offers welcome drink as well as other traditional food items of Dubai.

Three Must Do Activities while in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The companies also offer various types of cuisines to the tourists that can be chosen according to the needs and convenience. They can have dinner in the tents that are specially made for the tourists. These places have all the facilities and tourists have the option of having dinner on the traditional mats with premium cushions. There are also various entertainment options for tourists in the desert. The tourists can enjoy the traditional dance performance along with various kinds of Live shows by the great artists.

Another must to activity in Dubai is sailing on a Dhow cruise. The tourists can choose to sail on Dhow cruise on Dubai Marina or Dhow cruise on Dubai Creek and tourists will find both interesting as it gives a very pleasant experience of seeing Dubai. The Dhow cruise Dubai has two decks, upper and lower deck with upper deck being open. The lower deck is a place where all the activities are organised. Dhow cruise is popular for its food and it offers varieties of cuisines for the tourists. They can choose either Arabian cuisine to experience the food of Dubai or their own local cuisine.

The tourists can have their dinner on the upper open deck under the sky with their loved ones. It is the best place for watching the tall skyscrapers of Dubai as all the buildings are brightly lit in the night. Dhow cruise will make the Dubai trip of tourists memorable.

Dubai Dhow cruise

As many tourists come to Dubai for activities that the city offers, the tourists can experience yacht charter Dubai with their loved ones. There are various yachts to choose from and the tourists can choose them according to their needs and budget. Various companies in Dubai are certified to offer yacht rental in Dubai services, so that tourists can experience uninterrupted stays on these yachts. They come with various lifestyle amenities and the yacht is the best way to relax after the tiring trip to Dubai. All these activities will surely make the trip memorable.

Dubai as a destination is never disappointing for people of any age group or interests. There are ample opportunities to have fun here for all – kids, adults – men & women alike. So go get your trip planned, pack your bags and enjoy this fun place with your friends or family.

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