Tips for Business Travellers Visiting Mumbai, India during the Monsoons

Mumbai is one of the fastest growing and the most successful economies in India. Known as the city that never sleeps (yes they rival New York and the Kong in this respect), it tops the most preferred destinations for business travellers. Business travellers like traveling to Mumbai, love to stay at hotels that offer all basic facilities necessary for top levels of business meetings. Fortunately, Mumbai has many such business hotels suited for every budget – yes even for a business backpacker.

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Tips for Business Travellers Visiting Mumbai, India during the Monsoons

As mentioned earlier, the city of Mumbai is one of the fastest developing economies. The city attracts investors and multinational companies from different parts of the country and the world. Coming to Mumbai, and doing excellent business here, is an exciting experience though.

Business backpacking to India.

Business backpacking to India.

Traveling during the Monsoon

During the summer and rains, the humidity levels in Mumbai are high. People tend to sweat a lot, which is why it is suggested that you keep yourself hydrated all the time. If you happen to visit Mumbai anytime during the monsoon, be informed that the monsoons in Mumbai are very unpredictable. It can keep raining continuously for days or it might not rain at all. If it rains too much, the roads tend to get flooded which could cause a problem to people for those who aren’t used to it. You might face problems while moving around the city. It is recommended that you carry appropriate rain gear while moving around the city.

poncho is a backpacker's raincoat

A Poncho is a backpackers raincoat

Things to Look Out For

As a business traveller, if your interests revolve in the southern part of Mumbai, then there are plenty of business hotels that can accommodate you in style. There are a number of ultra-plush boutique hotels around the town that offer world-class facilities with ample luxury. Furthermore, to keep you occupied and entertained after a day’s work, there are enough avenues of entertainment, in Mumbai. You can choose from a variety of sports bars, pubs, restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment centers for a thriving nightlife.

If you are a business traveller with some commercial interests, say you are working with a firm in Andheri or Bandra; you don’t necessarily need to travel all the way to South Mumbai. In fact, there are a number of options near the airport as well. Travelling to the extreme of Mumbai will take you at least two hours by road. This time wasted can be utilized in a number of ways if you find an accommodation near the airport.

Make the Most of Your Time Here

Once you’ve finished your work, you need to be pampered. For nightlife, you can choose from a number of discotheques, pubs or nightclubs sprinkled in nearby areas. For a place that offers one-stop entertainment, you can visit any entertainment centre or shopping mall closest to you. Most of the entertainment centers have all the activities all under one roof – and if you want to shop, you’d be interested to know there are multiple shopping malls in the city featuring the best of brands in the world. So, travel as light as possible, because you can shop!

Take time to wind down from stressful business meetings, enjoy the highlights of this bustling city. If you have time, make sure you visit some of the tourist destinations in the city and make your business travel to Mumbai memorable.

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Safe travels.

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