Tips For Maintaining Relationships While Travelling

Tips For Maintaining Relationships While Travelling

Down the years of travelling, there were struggles and moments of real depression. I have to admit that it has been tough. One of the biggest issues with travellers is that maintaining a relationship whilst on the move can prove tricky, as I found out on numerous occasions. I’m definitely not an expert of this however, I still wanted to give my tips from my experience on how to maintain a relationship while travelling.

Tips For Maintaining Relationships While Travelling

1.Date someone who likes travelling

I mean this might sound obvious, but sadly I fell for a few girls who simply didn’t like travel. It pained me – two of those girls didn’t even OWN a passport!! I was shocked when they told me that. So I’m generally looking for someone who at least owns a passport and has been to a few places outside their home country. When you both have a common love like travelling, less arguments develop and more fun and adventure awaits!

Panny and I hiking in Georgia

2.Be Aware of dishonesty

Sadly, dishonesty is everywhere, we cannot avoid it. I learnt the hard way that many people are there are simply not honest and they are out with a hidden agenda to destroy us. I met far too many dishnoest people down the years so I trust nobody now – especially not in relationships. Just tell the truth people – it’s easy!

3.Experiment in the bedroom

Some relationships can fail due to lack of intimacy – no kissing, rare sex and not much touching – this is wrong. Couples need to be more open and willing to touch each other and kiss often – make each other feel special and wanted, physically. Opening up to each other in a relationship is essential. Listening and respecting each others’ desires, whether they are mainstream or ‘special’ like wanting to use BDSM. Generally promoting open-minded communication helps in the relationship and all sorts of sexual gadgets and tricks can work in your advantage.

Experiment in the bedroom

4.Go 50-50 on bills

Nothing grills me more in a relationship than a money grabber, a sugar daddy or a WAG (woman after gold). If we want an equal world with equality, let’s make sure we live up to that idea – split everything in half – equally. 50-50. This means going halfers on bills in restaurants and bars, sharing a bed and splitting the cost and paying for our own things. What I mean by this is that if I want to go to a football match on my own/with friends, then I pay for that. If a girl wants to go to an event, then she pays for it. However if we go together to the cinema, for example then it’s 50-50 on tickets, food and everything. Of course on speciall occasions and now and then, it’s acceptable to buy gifts and treat each other – do that as surprises.

Go 50-50 on bills

5.Take it slowly

Don’t rush into things. Too many relationships on the road fail as the couple try to rush and do many things at once and backpack it hardcore. It is fine to chill out along the way.

Good luck and safe travels!

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