The Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Spain

The Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Spain

The Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Spain

In Spain, the sunny streets exude a feeling of warmth that instantly uplifts you. It is a country that, for the most part, bares its soulful passion in every aspect, right from the music, to the food, to the picturesque landscapes. Whether you revel in the geographical diversity that bestows the country with stunning features like beaches, mountains, valleys and meadows, or explore the multi-faceted culture, Spain is sure to captivate you.

Backpacking in Spain

Backpacking in Spain

Here are 5 of the country’s popular destinations that you should definitely include in your Spain holiday package.


Located in the West of Spain, Valencia is one of the largest cities in the country. This charming city offers the perfect setting to lose yourself in Spain’s past, through the magnificent, historic structures that adorn the cityscape. It is equally renowned for the bustling urban culture and its futuristic architecture that resonates with the lively and modern spirit of its people.


The city of Barcelona is undoubtedly a significant part of any Spain tour package. This sea-side city welcomes you with sunny beaches and a vivacious culture that is sure to leave you charmed. With its dynamic nightlife and delectable cuisine, Barcelona also promises to be ideal for anyone with a zest for partying.


One of the oldest cities in Spain, Seville manages to embrace the young and lively spirit of a modern metropolis, while celebrating its past. You can discover the depths of history by visiting the ancient Roman ruins, the medieval Santa Cruz quarter and the colonial Arenal neighborhood.


Alluring art, captivating architecture, mouth-watering cuisine, and an infinite zest for life, are all the things that will make you fall in love with Madrid. This is one city that you just have to include in your Spain holiday package. Energetic and relaxing at the same time, Madrid instantly makes you feel at home.

Canary Islands

Spain has quite a few surprises for every traveler, including ardent nature-lovers. Its dramatic landscapes, adorned with volcanoes, sand dunes, and pristine beaches, make the Canary Islands an ideal destination if you wish to spend some time in the company of nature.

So, head to Spain for a truly mesmerizing experience. Book your holiday with SOTC for our amazing Spain Holidays that allow you to explore all of its marvelous destinations!


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