Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: 11 Tips For Doing Washing/Laundry

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Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: 10 tips for washing your clothes on your travels.

This is a pain in the ass. But it is a travel essential. We need to wash our clothes and do our laundry, so today on Tuesday’s Travel Essentials, I’m going to share my top 11 tips for doing your laundry, these tips will save you time and money. I’ve been using them for years so check them out:

1. Sleep in the buff (i.e. naked)

The idea is to wear less clothes and wear clothes less often, which when done over a prolonged period of time will save you money on washing and make your clothes last a few more days before having to wash them. So sleep naked, but beware some people freak out. This happened to me in Berlin in 2007 when about 6 Canadian backpackers were shocked at a penis sighting in their hostel dorm. I’ve seen loads of boobs and penises in hostels – it’s part of the travel lifestyle. Take your pants off so you don’t sweat in your sleep. But try to cover your parts with sheets and quilts so you don’t freak out the roommates!!

naked at laguna colorada

Sleep naked…save money and time on washing!

2. Wear your smelly stuff hiking

When you’re about to start a long hike, put your dirtiest clothes on. They’re going to get even dirtier and smellier and you’ll wash them afterwards so there’s no point in putting fresh ones on. You’re travel buddies are not going to be bothered if you smell a bit when you get to the top of a mountain with epic views!

smelly clothes inca trail peru

Wear your smelly clothes hiking!! A few years back doing the Inca Trail in Peru.

3. Full loads

Bung the washing machine full when you get round to washing your clothes, saving time and money. This is an obvious thing, but I still am baffled by people who put a wash on for about 3 or 4 items. POINTLESS!

tuesdays travel essentials

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials – washing your clothes – use full loads!

4. Double up shorts as underwear

Guys and girls can both get away with this. If you’re out walking round a city you need actually always need to wear underwear. Just wear a pair of shorts. You’ve saved time and money on your washing! Or pick up a pair of pink ladies pants instead…

double up shorts as underwear

Double up shorts at underwear even if it means wearing tight pink pants in Iceland.

5. Free Laundry

Check out one of my Monday’s Money Saving Tips here on how to get FREE laundry – I tactic I’ve used a lot and a bit of a “backpacker secret”.

free laundry tips on your travels

Don’t forget about FREE laundry!

6. Handwashing Your Clothes

Find a sink and some soap and was your clothes yourself by hand. Hot water is better and you’ll need somewhere to hang them up. A quick and easy way to keep your clothes clean. All long term backpackers use this technique so get into the habit of it.

7. Limit wearing socks

Socks are great to wear and provide comfort and protection for your feet but sometimes you just don’t need them. Why wear socks to the beach when you’ll take them off later? Same goes for swimming pool. Limit the times you wear your socks and they’ll last longer.

winning socks in South Korea

I won socks at a Christmas Party in South Korea! But limit your use of them!

8. Don’t use your own towel UNLESS you can’t find another towel

Hostels, hotels and other places often have their own towels so don’t feel the need to always use your towel. I’ve gone weeks without having to wash my towel before.

9. Share washing with your partner/travel buddies

If you really can’t fill a full load why not just go halfers with your partner or travel buddy. Also saves you time – you can take it to the laundrette/washing machine and sort it out, they can take it out and hang them up and you can collect them.

hanging washing on a line in tasmania

Share the washing with your girlfriend or travel buddy and save time and money.

10. Wear baggy t-shirts

Why wear skin tight t-shirts and sweat all the time – just wear a baggy t-shirt. As I said before this ain’t no fashion contest and if it is – there’s plenty of flights to Milan.

11. Maximise Washing Machine Use When You Have It

This is actually the most obvious one, but I stay with friends a lot on my travels and they’ll often totally allow you to do as much washing as you want when you’re there so honestly – maximise it and take advantage of a washing machine while you have one. Make sure everything is clean before heading to your next place!

That’s my 11 tips for doing washing on your travels, hope they come in handy – let me know in the comments section of any other tips you have!

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