Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A Bar of Soap

Jonny Blair uses soap instead of shower gel

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials – Soap – it wins hands down over shower gel with me!

I’m not sure how long a post I can actually write about a bar of soap, but I gave up travelling with shower gel and any kind of liquid soap about 4 years ago in favour of a tiny bar of soap. I haven’t looked back since. It wasn’t just the idea of not being able to take liquids onto aeroplanes, it was that suddenly I personally just preferred soap! When I made the change I realised I could never go back, as travelling with a tiny bar of soap has so many more benefits than when using shower gel. Here are the reasons why a bar of soap is so much better than a bottle of shower gel!

Jonny Blair's Tuesday's Travel Essentials on a bar of soap

The Head to Head – A bar of soap v. a bottle of shower gel!

A Bar of Soap v. A Bottle of Shower Gel:

– it’s cheaper (always!)

– it lasts longer (always!)

– it’s smaller (comparing the same amount of shower gel use you get out of a bottle of shower gel compared with a bar of soap of the same size)

– it’s lighter (easier to carry)

– it will never leak

– it wraps easily into my towel after use

– while wrapped up in my towel, it is also essentially keeping a part of my towel clean

– if I lose a bar of soap I am not bothered (I just buy a new one)

a bar of soap is better than shower gel for travelling

These two small bars of soap (which I got free in hotels and hostels) are smaller than my thumb and will last for weeks of travel!

– when staying in shared hostels, fellow travellers are more likely to steal your bottle of shower gel than they are your bar of soap

– if you want an extra bar in a different flavour at any point, it takes up hardly any extra room

– it takes less time to rub a bar of soap on your body – you don’t even have to open it like you do with shower gel

– you will never be refused entry to an aeroplane or a country with a bar of soap

– you’re not carrying around a brand name with you

– if your bar of soap gets dirty you just run it down until its clean (if the liquid in your shower gel gets dirty, you might not want to use it any more)

– hotels, hostels etc. often give free bars of soap so you don’t need to spend as much on them

– I enjoy rubbing on soap more than I enjoy rubbing on shower gel

If that’s not enough reason for you to choose a bar of soap ahead of shower gel then I don’t know what is, at least I’ve tried my best. These are my personal travel essentials that work for me – but I really hope that you can try them too. Let me know of any comments please!

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