Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A Laptop

a laptop is a travel essential

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials – typing away on my laptop while waiting on a flight!

OK so I’m a budget backpacker, but remember I’m also a travel blogger and writer so my laptop is absolutely essential. Although I must admit that until 2009 I NEVER travelled with a laptop and indeed I never owned one until 2006. Now, I couldn’t do without one!

a laptop and a beer - travel essentials

A laptop and a beer – blogging away in a hostel!

I started writing about my travels back in 2007, on my return to Bournemouth in England which was once my ‘home’. Back then I owned an Apple MacBook, partly inspired by my time working as a PR dude for Apple. That very Apple MacBook was the entire source of almost every blog post from 2007 until 2011. I wrote over 500 travel stories on it, as well as having my iTunes and all my photos on it.

before laptop i had to use hostel computers

Gone are the days of me updating remotely and badly from hostel computers!

I switched back to a non-Apple laptop in 2011 however and love it! I currently travel with an HP ProBook, which has broke a few times, but not as much as the MacBook. I’m typing this up now with it! Five reasons why my laptop is my travel essential:

1. Writing my stories, tips and features.

2. Storing my photos and videos.

3. Going online on the internet (checking Facebook etc.).

4. Charging and syncing my iPod (I’m a sucker for BBC Radio 5 Live Football Podcasts – in fact not sure I could do without them either!).

5. When flights etc. are delayed it saves me money spending it on coffee, beer etc. I just go onto my laptop and write another post!

Happy New Year!! 2012 was a big one for Don’t Stop Living with the launch of this new site, the nomination for Wanderlust Blog of the Week and my travels to 15 different countries.

Happy New Year everyone!! My biggest and most exciting New Year’s Revolution is to make this the best one man guide to all seven continents that there is. Don’t Stop Living is a lifestyle of travel website and something I love doing!

Jonny Blair

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