Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Testing the Pepo App

Recently I came across a new app called Pepo. After testing it for a while, I would like to introduce it to you today on Tuesday’s Travel Essentials.

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Testing the Pepo App

I found the Pepo app through its official website – Pepo.com and when I found out that some of my travel friends have been using it for several months now, I really wanted to test it. I am new on the scene!

What exactly is the Pepo App?
Pepo is called by many the new Instagram. It focuses on travel influencers, those with some authority, expertise and influence. As a travel expert, you can share your photos, locations and tips and tricks with everyone who follows your channel. You can also answer any questions your followers might have – from „what’s the weather like in Siem Reap in summer?” to „What’s the cheapest way to travel across Prague?”

As a follower, you can follow different channels of your interests: sport, food, healthy lifestyle or a travel channel that focuses specifically on a certain travel destination, for example New York or Barcelona. So if you’re travelling to a new place and you need an advice, you can leave a comment or ask a question to the expert. He or she will get back to you soon with the right answers. How simple is that?

What I found extremely cool and interesting are the different themes you can use on Pepo as an expert and the follower. Instead of clicking the „like” you are so used to on Facebook, you can click „coffee” and you see the coffee emoji.

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Testing the Pepo App

My favourite Pepo channels
I am particularly fond of the eTramping channel. Not only are Agness and Cez a Polish travel duo and fellow travel bloggers, but they are also my friends. We met together in Hong Kong and Dongguan, China a few months ago. We had a great time chatting and exchanging travel memories together. Since they are back in Poland, where I’m currently staying, we’re hoping for a Polish tipple with the brace soon!

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Testing the Pepo App

Agness and Cez regularly share their travel on budget tips on Pepo. Following their channel I keep myself posted on what they do, where they are and what their upcoming travel plans are. For example, Agness has recently shared her tips about the Czech Republic so I knew they finally made it to Prague during their epic road trip.

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Testing the Pepo App

Find me on Pepo
I set my own Pepo profile up here, now to go alongside my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts. If you decide to download the app, let’s follow each other and share peace and love from planet earth on our journey!

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Testing the Pepo App

I look forward to seeing you all on there as this new app takes off and becomes more popular! And don’t forget – it’s free to set up an account!

Safe travels!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Testing the Pepo App

  • Many thanks, Jonny, for mentioning us! We’re happy to see that Pepo family is growing with you on board. 🙂 The Europe trip was epic and we really enjoyed sharing our experience on Etramping Pepo channel. We can’t wait to see what you’re up to these days. Keep in touch! X

  • Thanks for the comment Agness. It’s a great app and I hope the Pepo family continues to grow and become a success. Hopefully you, Cez and I can “Pepo together” from Polska very soon. Safe travels. Jonny

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