Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Washing Your Backpack

I’m a dirty traveller a lot of the time. It comes from sleeping in tents, cheap hostels, floors of airports and often having the option of only cold showers. But aside from all this I LOVE a hot shower and I LOVE to keep everything clean. So this week is backpack cleaning time. It’s been a while, believe me. So how do you go about washing your backpack? Here’s what I do.

washing my backpack

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Washing your backpack

1. Wait until your backpack is really dirty. After a safari, after a hike, after it’s being on numerous buses and your clothes start to smell. After you pick up bed bugs and bites. Once it smells bad – WASH it!

2. Empty your backpack. Take EVERYTHING out of it – including covers, straps that come off, zips that unzip from it etc. Clear it completely.

3. Clean everything that was inside or can be removed from your backpack.

– Put all the clothes in the wash

– Throw plastic bags out (don’t reuse them)

– Wash in the washing machine parts of the backpack which can be washed there (straps, covers etc.)

4. Now to washing your backpack itself. It’s easy and quite satisfying. I love it when I’ve a clean one ready to go!!! Follow these steps:

– Once it’s emptied find an empty bath and drop it in there.

– Squirt the shower on it, really hot and spray all over the backpack for about 20 minutes. All over. Watch as all the dirt drifts down the plughole. Satisfying!

– Apply soap to the backpack and scrub it all over. Go hard on it!!

– Add Savlon and any other strong germ killing liquid you feel fit. Wear gloves if necessary.

– Let it dry in the bath or hang it up in the sun!

cleaning my backpack!

It’s time to clean my backpack this week!!

Wait for a day and it’s ready to go again!! Got to love washing your backpack!!

With my endless travel tips and stories, I want to inspire you all to head out there and see the world! Check my advertising page if you have an idea for a product for my Tuesday’s Travel Essentials, and don’t forget I welcome free backpacks and other travel essentials…

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Washing Your Backpack

  • Hi Forest, thanks for your comment. My bigger backpack is in need of a wash every few months – believe it or not washing it is something I REALLY enjoy!! Honestly – it’s a great feeling watching all that dirt go down a drain somewhere. Hot water and soap are the main things you need. I add Savlon normally too (not even sure why!). All my bags are clean now ready for my next adventure! Safe travels. Jonny

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