Tuesday’s Travel Problems: 3 Common Travel Accidents You Can Easily Avoid

3 Common Travel Accidents You Can Easily Avoid

3 Common Travel Accidents You Can Easily Avoid

Travelling to an unfamiliar place shouldn’t cause unnecessary anxiety. In fact, if you’re like most travellers, you’ll want to feel comfortable, have fun, and you’ll want to come back feeling refreshed. Having an accident while on holiday will cause undue stress and could ruin the rest of your travel plans. Plans will be forgotten, the wondrous encounters and experiences will be missed out on, flights will be missed and your holidaycould potentially be ruined. Thankfully, there are some aspects of your trip you can carefully consider before you leave that will help you to avoid some of the more common accidents that can occur while you are away from home.

  1.       Road Accidents

Renting a scooter, motorcycle, or even a car can be very appealing, depending on where you are travelling of course. Knowing the rules of the road of your travel destination can mean the difference between carrying out all your travel plans to their utmost and ending your holiday early. For this, there is more to consider than simply what side of the road you are driving on, although this is an important aspect to make sure of.

Stay safe while driving

Stay safe while driving

It is alsovital to have some familiarity with the cultural differences of the place you are a visitor in and rules of the road is one of the more important considerations. So familiarise yourself with the hand gestures, driving habits, and general attitude drivers have towards each other or else you could quickly find yourself taking a ride in an ambulance or worse. Remember that what you might find shocking could be commonplace in the country you are visiting.

  1.       Water

Whether or not you are travelling somewhere that is near a major body of water, taking the utmost of care even being near your hotel pool should be a top priority. Many private pools and beaches are unguarded and unattended with no lifeguard on duty. Slips, trips, and other accidents can happen and if you or another member of your family becomes incapacitated in some way around water, it can be a life and death situation.Take a look here for a compelling story that shows just how common poolside accidents can be.

Relaxing in the pool in Belize

Relaxing in the pool in Belize

Oceans and rivers can be even more dangerous. Even if you consider yourself a strong and capable swimmer, it is best to stand on the side of caution and find out as much as you can about tides, currents, drop-offs, and other such features of whatever body of water you will be entering before even setting foot in your destination.

  1.       Forgetfulness

The most common travel accidents occur because of situations you fail to plan for or simply forget about. Even forgetting some small aspect of your travel plans can cause you to have an accident. If you are late and are rushing to be somewhere – perhaps your connecting flight or to that last boat of the day to that secluded island – whatever it may be, rushing can cause you to have an accident that otherwise would have been avoidable.

In the immigration office with my passport stamp and a gift

Don’t forget the obvious – passport for stamping in Podjistan

Accidents can and do happen all of the time and while you can’t exactly plan for an accident, you can prepare yourself and avoid putting yourself in potentially disastrous situations, just like those that are listed above. As the age-old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’, and this is definitely the case when it comes to preparing for an accident-free bout of travel.

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