Understanding and Dealing with Your Travel Anxiety

Understanding and Dealing with Your Travel Anxiety

Traveling is often an enjoyable experience. However, planning a trip can be stressful if you are unsure of how to go about it. You need to think about packing, buying bus or plane tickets and getting there on time, saying some goodbyes, and many more things. You may also fear to travel abroad or alone. The list may become endless, and this may sometimes lead to stress. If you feel anxious instead of excited when planning for a trip, you are not alone. Read on to discover how to understand and deal with your travel anxiety. 

  1. What is Travel Anxiety? Travel anxiety is a complex but common problem that causes you to feel depressed when preparing for a trip and the subsequent days leading to the journey. Some people have an open fear of flying. Others believe the travel horror stories they have heard from others. Some people may also worry about feeling homesick. If you suffer from general anxiety, you may experience pre-travel anxiety. There is no single cause of travel anxiety. But there are treatments available for travel anxiety. You can see a psychologist or undergo hypnotherapy for flying.
  2. Symptoms. The symptoms associated with travel anxiety differ from one person to another. If you have travel-related anxiety, you may experience the following when you think of traveling. 
  •         Chest pain, increased heart rate, or difficulty breathing
  •         Nausea
  •         Restlessness
  •         Trouble focusing
  •         Insomnia

These symptoms can become overwhelming, leading to a panic attack. During a panic attack, you may have a racing heart or even start shaking. You may also feel dizzy and disconnected from your body. 

Dealing with Travel Anxiety

  1. Identify your Triggers. Triggers are the things that lead to your anxiety symptoms. The triggers may be associated with things such as planning or boarding a bus. Your triggers may also be due to other influencers, such as low blood sugar or caffeine. A visit to a psychotherapist can also help you to identify your triggers. 
  2. Plan for Emergencies. Most people have pre-travel anxiety due to the fear of specific scenarios happening during the trip. While no one can predict or plan for every possible emergency, you can come up with a plan for some common ones. You can run out of money while on your trip, get lost, or even get sick. A plan for such things will make you discover that almost every problem has a solution even while traveling. 
  3. Responsibilities at Home. Some people fear to leave their kids or pets alone. However, planning for being away from home can reduce your worries. Consider hiring a house sitter or as a relative to take care of your children while you are away. Ask your helper to provide you with regular updates on everything that is happening. 
  4. Distractions. Having plenty of distractions can also help you with your travel anxiety. Do something you like, such as playing the piano or watching movies. Some people also find comfort in quiet things, such as reading a novel. You can also bring your favorite distraction with you to eliminate any negative thoughts during your trip.

If you are suffering from travel anxiety, you can learn more here.  

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