Using Fotor to Edit Your Travel Photos

Using Fotor to Edit Your Travel Photos

I checked my hard drive recently, and tried my best to compile all my photos and videos from my journeys into albums on there, it takes a lot of organisation. I will never be able to count, but I’ve probably taken 1,000,000 travel photos in my life. But my expertise is in writing, not in photography. I’m a novice photographer, most of my photos in fact are not great. I don’t post on Facebook or Instagram to get likes on photos, I post to get likes for what I am doing, and for telling my real life story. Quality of photos is totally irrelevant to me. However, with Instagram I often edit my photos on there in size and texture, more recently, Fotor is the best tool I have found online for photo editing. Check out the main Fotor homepage for online photo editing and get ready to explore!

Using Fotor to Edit Your Party or Travel Photos

You can also review some features of Fotor in your post based on some topics, such as use Fotor to edit party or travel photos.  This is what I thought about, but you can choose the most suitable topic for your readers 🙂

Below are some features of Fotor I recommend:

1.Fotor’s Poster Maker
The poster maker function is a great tool for companies who want a simple and easy poster design, it’s quick to make, has a good range of options, and the completed article, the poster, look excellent. See the feature here: 
Fotor’s Poster Maker

Fotor’s Poster Maker

2.Fotor’s card maker
Fotor’s greeting card maker is a fun and easy way to make greeting cards for friends and family, easily personalised and of course they can be sent directly on email now, or even better, print them on card and deliver them personally. The main link to get started is here: 
Fotor’s Card Maker

Fotor’s greeting cards

3.Fotor’s photo collage
As someone who hates the nitty gritting of photo editing and putting photo compilations together, Fotor’s photo collage is highly easy to organise. 
Fotor’s Photo Collage There are different types of collage, including the artistic collage and the funky collage.

Artistic Collage

Funky Collage

4.Simple Photo Tweaking and Editing
My favourite aspect to using Fotor however, is how easy it is to edit and tweak your travel photos. Of course I won’t ever have time to go through all 1,000,000 of my photos but you simply add your photos and use Fotor’s easy to understand user interface to do all sorts of things to your photos – cropping, adding smileys, changing the tone, skin colour, lighting, blurring them etc. There are so many different ways to edit one photo on here!

Using Fotor to Edit Your Travel Photos

So what are you waiting for – get onto Fotor straight away and check out this cool and easy to use photo editing website.

Safe travels!

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