Ways To Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

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Ways To Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

Your 21st birthday is a very important day like all birthdays should be. Turning 18 is pretty special but 21 is definitely more so. It is a milestone and you will want it to be a birthday that you will remember for the best possible reasons.

This time, you’ll get to pick out your ultimate place to party, without having an older sibling to vouch for you. You can wear a 21st birthday sash, and try a few crazy things that you have not been able to before! This is the reason why your 21st birthday is special. Given below are a few days to do that.

  • Throw a proper house party for all your friends

If you have enough space at your place, then put in a dance floor and get a DJ to play your favorite tracks. You can add a rather personal touch to your party by designing the invitations yourself. If you decide to serve those drinks you have wanted to try for a while, then do so responsibly. Remember to make arrangements for the guests to stay back if they are unable to drive.

  • Once you turn 21, you can go clubbing

The bouncers will check your ID (in case, you don’t look old enough) and you can enjoy a night of dancing and have an amazing time.

  • Spend your birthday doing the craziest things

How about participating in a game of 21 dares? The dares can range from anything to talking to 21 different people (usually strangers) to trying out 21 bizarre foods. You can add your own twists to the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Go simple

Simply, go for something classic but elegant, like turning your home into a speakeasy! Add some lights and change the atmosphere. Arrange a list of music tracks to be played and serve fancy cocktails. Ask everyone you invite to come in their costumes to recreate the vibes of a real, old-fashioned speakeasy. This can be done at pretty much any venue and you will only need enough space to accommodate all your guests.

If you are someone who prefers a quiet party, then keep your birthday really simple. You can go for dinner to a fancy restaurant that you have always wanted to try and spend the day with your close ones.

  • Try different cocktails

21 is the legal drinking age. So, by the time your birthday arrives, you might already have a list of cocktails that you want to try out. Go bar hopping with your friends and you will have immense fun. Some bars will even give free food or have offers on the menu for anyone celebrating their birthday, especially their 21st, so do not forget to let your bartender know!

  • Get a tattoo

Many of us wish often wish to get an extra piercing or maybe even a tattoo once in a while. If you really want to get this done, then go ahead and get one. However, only do so if you are completely sure. Do not act on an impulse. Tattoos and piercings are quite permanent, and you do not want to regret getting one.

  • Celebrate being 21 by taking a trip

Plan a getaway to the mountains or go down to the seaside with your family and friends. You will get a chance to not only have fun but also unwind and relax. You can also plan a road trip. Road trips are really great and planning them with your friends is simply amazing.

You do not need to visit someplace far; you can plan a short trip and still enjoy a lot. Another really creative way to celebrate your birthday is by throwing a party on a cruise. There are some day cruises available and you can enjoy a day out in the ocean with your close ones.

If you are heading for the beach, then at the end of the day, gather all your friends and build a bonfire. Get blankets, pillows, and take turns to tell stories and simply have a great time bonding. You can also light sparklers at night.

  • Sleepovers are YAY!

Sleepovers were always fun. But now that you are turning 21, have a more elegant spin on them and book a hotel retreat for you and friends. Search for hotels nearby so that you do not have to go really far and plan the weekend of your birthday, accordingly.

Head to the spa, relax in the pool or simply stay in and order room service, but spend the two days pampering yourself!

The Wrap Up

These were some of the easiest ways to celebrate your 21st birthday. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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