Westray to Papa Westray: The Shortest Flight in the World at 47 Seconds!

shortest flight in the world scotland

Westray to Papa Westray: The shortest flight in the world! (Photo copyright Loganair)

If you follow Don’t Stop Living you will know that I NEVER write about places I haven’t been unless it’s in a “I want to go there” way and this post is just inspired by my love for unusual and off the beaten track destinations. I haven’t been to Scotland since 2008 and despite spending a lot of time there when I was younger, I recently was enthusiastic when I heard that the flight run by Loganair from Westray to Papa Westray is the shortest flight in the world! That’s something I would like to do! SO NO, I haven’t done the world’s shortest flight but I WANT To. If you have done this flight, please leave a comment I’d love to hear from you!

As a traveller, remote islands offer rewarding experiences. I loved visiting Sark, Bruny Island, Gu Lang Yu and Cuverville on my travels. Westray and Papa Westray are two very small remote islands in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. Here is the current list of fares run by Loganair who operate this route: Loganair in Orkney

Here’s a quick overview of both islands that are connected by the shortest flight in the world.

Westray Island, Orkneys, Scotland

Population: 563

Square Miles: 18.2

Westray island Orkneys Scotland

Stones on Westray Island in the Orkneys, Scotland (Photo copyright The Guardian)

Things to see and do:

– Wildlife in the form of birds and rats (!)

– Lighthouse

– Farms and fields

– Spectacular cliff faces

Papa Westray Island, Orkneys, Scotland

This island is also known as Papay…

Population: 70

Square Miles: 3.5

Knapp of Howar Papa Westray

The Oldest Preserved House in Northern Europe, the Knapp of Howar sits on Papa Westray! (Photo copyright Wikipedia)

Things to see and do:

– The Knapp of Howar is the oldest preserved house in northern Europe! It dates back to 3500 BC! Amazing!

– Ancient monuments, stones and a church.

Sounds intriguing and I have noted it for my next trip to Scotland…

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