What should I stop eating to lose weight?

The food we consume can have a big role to play in determining the weight we put on. While certain foods help in losing weight, the others simply add up to our existing reserves. To make things easy, today we are going to take you through certain food items which do greater harm than good and should be avoided if you wish to fit into that old pair of jeans:

Potato Chips

Potatoes are very healthy and filling. However, the same doesn’t hold true for potato chips which have a high calorie count. Various observational studies have linked consuming potato chips with more weight gain. Be it baked, fried or roasted potatoes, all of them carry a cancer-causing substance known as acrylamides. This makes plain boiled potatoes the best choice if you are thinking of going the healthy way. 

What should I stop eating to lose weight?

What should I stop eating to lose weight?

Restaurant Hamburgers

The hamburgers available in fast-food establishments are packed with fat and calories. People consuming burgers twice a week face higher risk of obesity compared to ones who have it less than five times a year. You can easily cook lean, ground beef at home to enjoy a healthy platter without adding to its oil or fat count. Occasionally, a hamburger can also be made at home for filling in your system with iron, protein and vitamin B. But it is always advisable to avoid hamburger while eating out. Grilled chicken, salads and fish can definitely serve you better in this case. 

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Sugary Beverages

Beverages like soda having a high sugar count can surely be touted as one of the unhealthiest foods you can lay your hands on. They can inflict various disastrous effects on your health on being consumed in excess amounts. These are not treated by our brain as solid foods and thus we end up consuming a lion’s share of such beverages without experiencing satiety. You should try and completely give up on sugary drinks if weight loss is your newest resolution.

Processed Meat

Some common examples of processed meat are jerky, salami, hot dogs and ham.  They are low in nutrients while being high in salt content. When compared to lean protein sources like fish, poultry or beans, processed meat is more calorie-dense.

Candy Bars

You can think of candy bars as a potent mixture of refined flour, added oils and added sugar in an attractive package. They have high calorie count in spite of ranking low in terms of nutrients. A chocolate candy bar comprises of about 200-300 calories and is enough to derail you from your ultimate fitness aims. 

White Bread

White bread contains high levels of added sugar making it rank high on the glycaemic index. It can easily spike up blood sugar levels and is dangerous for diabetic patients. Various studies have also linked consumption of white bread with a greater chance of obesity and weight gain. 

Sugary Fruit Juices

Most of the juices available at the supermarket have a minute share of whole fruit and are usually loaded with added sugar. They are devoid of any fibre and do not require chewing. If you are trying to reach satiety, then it’s always better to have a whole fruit than any store-bought fruit juice. 

Artificial Fat Burners

Fat Burners are controversial to say the least. Recently there has been a surge in the number of brands being launched in this industry. However, it is important to note that not all fat burners are harmful. Some like Instant Knockout do receive a lot of positive reviews for being effective and completely natural.

Ice Cream

The high calorie count of ice cream makes it a very unhealthy option especially while trying to lose weight. You can indulge in a small scoop once in a blue moon, but consuming it regularly can inflict negative side effects. One of the biggest problems regarding ice cream is that it doesn’t bring satiety and we end up consuming humongous amounts at one go. Rather, you can try and make ice-cream at home with fruit, full-fat yogurt and less sugar. 

Cookies & Cakes

Refined flour and added sugar are some of the unhealthy ingredients present in cookies and cakes. They might even constitute artificial trans fats which can cause various diseases in the long run. In spite of being highly tempting, they rarely help us reach satiety. We are most likely to crave for more and this is how more calories finds a way to our body. If you are really craving for something, then you can try a chunk of dark chocolate. It is also prescribed by nutritionists while you are on weight loss supplements.


This popular fast food ranks high in terms of its unhealthy quotient. They are made up of processed meat and highly refined flour making it extremely high in calories. If you are craving for a pizza, then you can opt for the homemade varieties as they are made using healthier ingredients. 

White Rice

A 2016 study established a direct link between obesity in female and white rice consumption. The high glycaemic index of white rice can spike up blood sugar levels post consumption. If you are trying to lose weight, it is better to opt for quinoa, brown rice and cauliflower rice as they are richer in dietary fibre and can make you feel satiated easily.

Sugary Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeine serves as a pivotal ingredient of coffee and can help drastically with weight loss in the short term. But our body gets used to coffee pretty soon and the scale gets further disbalanced once you mix sugar and artificial cream to freshly ground coffee for making delicious yet harmful beverages. These drinks are loaded with empty calories and hardly bring satiety. This makes them equally bad as that of plain soda. If you are a coffee person, then you should stick to black coffee varieties if weight loss is on your mind. It is also okay if you add a bit of milk or cream provided you don’t reach out for added sugar or high-calorie creamers. 


Sticking to a healthy diet can serve as your first step at weight loss. Having clear knowledge about the food items can help you refrain from adding more calories to your body. While you should count calories along the way, there are an array of other factors that you also need to consider. Some low-calorie foods lack the requisite nutrients and protein. They are more likely to leave you yearning for more and provoke you towards binge eating. 






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