What to Do in Singapore When the Sun Goes Down 

What to Do in Singapore When the Sun Goes Down 

The name Singapore conjures thoughts of a squeaky clean city that stands out from her neighbours due to its no-fuss efficiency. This could easily be miscounted to mean the country doesn’t have much to do at night – but there is nothing further from the truth. Singapore has a wide assortment of cultural heritage that combines seamlessly with a burgeoning bar scene. Check out these late night ideas for fun in Singapore. 

  1. Twilight walking experience

Haw Par Villa offers visitors and locals a great chance to get a taste of the Chinese mythology through their twilight walking experience. Apart from the adventure rides, you will also be treated to art exhibits that demonstrate the symbols and mythology of ancient Buddhism. To start of the tour at twilight, you will meet a tour guide who will start you off with a spooky tale of how the founders of the park died. The tale will help you understand how death is interpreted in Singaporean culture. 

What to Do in Singapore When the Sun Goes Down

  1. Night Safari

Singapore has the very first nocturnal zoo in the world which has been christened, night safari. The zoo hosts over 130 different species and the visitors can, therefore, take a tour across different kinds of habitats. Animals to be found in the night safaris zoo include pangolins, palm civets, fishing cats, binturongs, etc. The zoo also has a “creatures of the night show” in which a tour guide teaches visitors about the different animals. 

  1. Singapore Flyer

If you thought you have seen the beauty of Singapore at night, wait until you see the breathtaking Singaporean skyline at 165 meters above the ground. An observation deck, known as the Singapore Flyer, has been built especially for this. The observation-deck Ferris wheel takes a total of 32 minutes to complete a full circle. You can start this breathtaking trip by starting with a sample of the Singaporean cuisines at one of the restaurants just below the flyer. 

  1. Gardens by the bay

If you get bored with the concrete jungle, make sure to visit the gardens next to the marina bay. These gardens span a total of 250 acres so they provide visitors with endless beauty. If you are on a romantic holiday, this would be a great place to go for a river cruise along the gardens at night. You may also enjoy watching a music show or just relax under the stars to while the hours away. If you had only one place to visit on your Singaporean tour, the gardens by the bay at night would be it! 

  1. Karaoke bar hoping

If you love partying, Singapore won’t disappoint. There is an endless streak of karaoke nightclubs that you can choose from. Even if you are not so much into karaoke, you will find lots of other activities like playing darts or pool. If you are not feeling too adventurous, you can hang out with the other patrons and just talk and get to learn about Singapore from the locals. Oh, and of course you will find lots of drinks and snacks as well! 

What to Do in Singapore When the Sun Goes Down 

If you’re a pub hopper, party go-er or you’re someone who simply enjoys the night life, you don’t want to miss visiting a beautiful place such as Singapore. Singapore is a small but great city, so you can easily hop from one place to the other. If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy your night just by yourself, with someone special or friends and family, consider the above 5 places. These are, however, just some of the things you can explore. You’d never go wrong when you choose Singapore. 






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