Which Islands Are The Must-see Of The Antilles?

You have all the time in the world. What is stopping you from visiting the all the small and large islands at your leisure? Nothing is stopping us from hopping from one island to another, during the same holiday. All you have to do is to charter a catamaran, and we’ll be sailing here, there, and everywhere, all while enjoying the unique beauty of the sea. Here are a few islands that should find their way into our itinerary.

Which Islands are the Must-see of the Antilles?

Which Islands are the Must-see of the Antilles?


If you have already opted for a catamaran charter in Antilles for your next trip, chances are you like to swim in the sea. Maybe, you even love to go diving. If that is the case, one of your stops has to be Curacao. It is a pure paradise for those who like to discover nature living on the sea ground. And if you don’t want to take a course or you are afraid to go too deep, then snorkelling will still be an incredible experience.

Curacao is officially part of the Netherlands. In fact, you will recognize some the traits of the country, when visiting the beautiful and colourful capital city of Willemstad. Spend some time on land, so you can discover the unique beauty of the salt lakes, where you will find an abundance of pink flamingos. If you get the chance to see them taking flight together, it will leave you breathless.

Beach loyal

The Dominican Republic

If you miss life on land and want a place to meet people, eat well and have lots of fun, then head to the Dominican Republic. There, you will find all kind of seaside resorts, where you can dine and dance, till the morning comes. Do stay one more day near the island, but move to Hispaniola to visit Santo Domingo, located in Haiti. Its Spanish architecture is definitely a site to see.

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Dominican Republic


If you are looking for a friendly island, look no farther than Jamaica. People head there when they need a break from too much of the “real life.” There, you can lay on the beach and drink a Pina Colada, while you are tanning. When the evening comes, the reggae music will let you continue that peaceful state of mind that you found yourself in, under the sun, during the day. If you don’t like to stay in one place, then go discover the natural beauty of the island through various hiking trails, or head back to the water for more underwater sports.

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This is another island that is part of the Netherlands. You will find that they all have a very neat and colourful culture. In fact, houses are painted in pastel colours, which will remind you of their mother land. If what you want is a place to enjoy the beach during the day, before getting back to the boat in the evening, look no further. Although the island is small, you will be quite happy to remain there for a few days to relax. Make it your last stop, so that you get back home well rested and ready to start work again.


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