Working Wednesdays: Teaching English Online From Home

It feels almost unimaginable that we can now work online from the comfort of our homes as an English teacher. I remember back to my days at Tech in the 1990s when a guy at Tech got a pager for the first time. A pager you say? You even forgot they existed right? That was in 1997. Nobody else knew what a pager was and none of my friends of family had a mobile phone or an email address. Fast forward 23 years and you look like an idiot now if you don’t have an email address, a smart phone or even a Facebook Account. Times have changed. This of course should be all for the better. As a blogger, I can now work online from around the world as long as I have internet. But as a teacher, you can work anywhere you want as well, also provided you have internet of course.
Working Wednesdays: Teaching English Online From Home

Working Wednesdays: Teaching English Online From Home

My TEFL and Teaching Journey

So I got my TEFL years ago. 2011 to be exact and just after that, I was working in kindergartens and primary schools teaching English in Hong Kong. The TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language is the place where the entire adventure starts. Once you have your TEFL, the world is your oyster. I spent about 4 years teaching English in Asia and I loved it – I earned good money, I worked in over 10 different schools teaching ages 3 – 16 as well as adults. After that, I continued to do some teaching, whether as a volunteer, educating friends or going into schools on my travels.
kindergarten kids at mid autumn festival

With the kindergarten kids during Mid Autumn Festival in 2011.

I simply haven’t had enough time to write about all my teaching experiences but they have been so memorable and for sure this made a huge impact on my life. Especially in Asia, where I managed to visit 16 Chinese Provinces and every country in the continent except Nepal, Pakistan, Palau, Bhutan, Tibet, Pakistan and Maldives.

Jonny Blair in Tsuen Wan Hong Kong

Playing with the kids in a kindergarten in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Since the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown, life has changed though, right? So this means teachers have stopped teaching face to face for the most part. While that is true, what about the alternative – teaching English from the comfort of your own home…

Can you Teach English from Home?

Yes you can! These days it is easier than you think! You will need a laptop and internet, plenty of materials and skills plus of course the relevant qualifications. You can find clients online – Google search should help with that. You can sign up for an agency. I am currently teaching English in Poland. Since the Coronavirus lockdown, I have been at home for over 8 weeks now. In that time, I have been teaching English online from my home. To do this, I contacted my clients and organised times and dates.

Teaching English online

I prepared materials for lessons and then signed up for many online video platforms. These include Webex, Whereby, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom. The connection isn’t always as good as face to face teaching of course, but it’s still a great way to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

Teaching English online

Now it is your turn!

So why not go for it? Teaching English online is a really amazing chance to earn money while gaining an amazing experience from your own home. For more info, request a call back or enrol today from The TEFL Academy!
Stay safe and Good luck!

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