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Friday’s Featured Food: Fish Sandwich in Istanbul, Turkey

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Turkey wasn’t on the initial agenda when we went backpacking in the Middle East and surrounding countries, but we ended up spending a whopping 3 weeks in Turkey in the end, compared with our 10 days in each of Armenia …

ishak pasha palace dogubayzit

Visiting Ishak Pasha Palace, Dogubayazit, Turkey

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Dogubayazit is a bizarre place. You have two options when you’re in and around it – either pass through it and change buses on route to Iran, or stay over there and do the sights. We had done 3 night …

ulus statue monument ankara

Backpacking in Ankara, Turkey: 5 Things to See and Do in the Turkish Capital

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Ankara is the real capital city of Turkey. While people might associate Istanbul with being the assumed capital, Ankara takes the award (and as a few of my mates mentioned on Facebook “will get you the point in a pub …

kaymakli cappadocia turkey jonny blair

Visiting Kaymakli Underground City, Cappadocia, Turkey

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An Underground City? Who’s up for that? A place where nobody lives? An old “city”? It’s not Machu Picchu all over again is it? Well yes but on your travel journey through the moon like surfaces of Cappadocia, this is …

jonny blairs dont stop living guide on How to get an Iran Visa in Trabzon Turkey

How to Get an Iran Visa in Trabzon, Turkey

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It’s Visa time again on Don’t Stop Living as I share my expert visa advice from my travels with you. The most recent visa advice is on how to get an Iran Visa in Trabzon, Turkey. A lot of seasoned …

asia to europe border istanbul

World Borders: Europe to Asia in Istanbul, Turkey (Ferry Across the Bosphorus)

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Ever crossed into a different continent by boat? I have, if you’ve read my Drake Passage journey post you’ll remember my trip on the Southern Ocean. That was back in 2010, South America to Antarctica and that one took me …

kizilay iskender ankara turkey

Friday’s Featured Food: Iskender in Ankara, Turkey

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I’ve been inspired by these types of moments recently. I have to say a big hello and thank you to Selin Ozgur, a local Ankara lady who came across my blog online and met up with us in Ankara on …

ankara turkey jonny blair hotel capital

Where to Stay in Ankara, Turkey: Hotel Capital

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

My Turkish experience has been pretty cool in that we have gone to a few places well off the backpacking trail which was nice. This has meant spending time staying in hotels and even caves (at Goreme) instead of the …

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