This couldn’t be Rotterdam or anywhere…

Well the idea was to see as many countries, places, culture, sights, people, pubs, restaurants, lifestyles, football stadiums, beers etc. in the world on my 78 day Round the World Trip. So when I left the Hotel Mercure in France’s Campeigne one Thursday morning in August, the plan was that there wasn’t a plan. I Read more about This couldn’t be Rotterdam or anywhere…[…]

Road Tripping Through Belgium

We left Hannover mid afternoon for a road trip through the rest of the Western Side of Germany, the short mid-trip through ‘The Kingdom of Belgium’ and a wee trip to Campeigne, north of Paris in France. It all began with a Pint of Harke Pils at Block House Pub in Hannover for a 10 Read more about Road Tripping Through Belgium[…]

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