Working Wednesdays: A Quick Post About My Time at Condor Ferries

2009 was a sad time in my life and this job would have been a dream job for me had I stopped and realised how amazing it actually was. Serving customers on board cross channel ferries was surely a dream come true. In the future I will write properly and more detailed account of life at sea on those cross channel car ferries, but for now just a few photos and memories.

A customs stop at Guernsey. I have fond memories of doing customs watch by the car deck door, while passports were inspected. Only at St. Peter Port Guernsey did this have to be done, and only on the late night sailing. Though that photo was taken at noon…

I had to escort a “spear gun”/ harpoon through customs one day. On the way up to the Captain at The Bridge I had a bit of a laugh with it.

Our team on board the Condor Vitesse.

A day off – sightseeing on the walls round the French City of St. Malo.

A wonderful solo trip to Sark. So sad to travel all alone but there I am on this amazing island.

Flying my country’s flag while doing Gangway Patrol at Guernsey.

Probably the easiest job I have ever done – gangway patrol at Poole Harbour.

A training session at Portland, the “island” at Weymouth, Dorset.

I have about 500 photos and videos from life at sea on those ferries. They will see the light of day at some point and perhaps I will dwell and ponder on how good a job it was. I used to get free food and drinks on board, discount travel, tax free wages and 200 cigarettes for something like £17!! I dont smoke but would often sell them on.


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