Half Way To St Patrick’s Day – PJ Gallagher’s, Parramatta

Only in Australia have I ever heard of such a thing as “Half Way To St. Patrick’s Day!” This happened to be last week, on the 17th September 2010. Makes sense given that St. Patrick’s Day is on the 17th March, yet when you consider there are less days after the 17th September (due to February) than there are before it, it actually really is “half way to St Patrick’s Day on the 19th September. Anyhow…

I was initially given the day off but was delighted to get a phone call from Rebecca asking me to work from 6 pm. When I arrived there was a fiddler, a comedian and some Irish dancers.

I was working downstairs in the Ground Floor Bar. I worked there with Marlee, Charlotte, Lisa and Kristyn mainly. These ladies are all very pretty as you can see from the photos!

The Irish dancers – whether first, second or third generation the fact is they can dance and I can’t.

Me and the Irish dancers. I was once “someone’s”, “favourite Norn Iron dancer by the way.”

Then in came a face painter, and the ladies all got different patterns done. The girls looked sensational. For a lady to get a job in PJ Gallagher’s you must have to look pretty! Every lady we have working here is beautiful.

Schooners of Guinness were just $5 all day/night and each time you bought one you got a scratchcard to win a cap.

My cap! I didn’t actually win one – just wore it in work! And kept one as a souvenir…

Wow! Charlotte, Marlee and me!

Kristyn and Marlee.

Charlotte’s design.

Kristyn’s design.

Lisa and Marlee – how lovely do they look.

With my cap on and working with Marlee and Lisa.

The ladies! Charlotte, Marlee and Lisa. It was a pleasure to work on this special night and I will remember it. Thanks to the managers for letting me work, the ladies for being so nice at work and the customers for putting up with my hat wearing. Oh and to the face painting lady for the nice pattern on my cheek – four green hearts – either a shamrock or a four leaf clover…

Roll on more times like this and nice to have such lovely people here in Parramatta, Australia.
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  • I have only just begun to read your blog, and I fascinated. I am eager to continue to read about your adventures in a world I could only dream about exploring. I have a longing that goes deeper than a dream to go to England. Thank you for your blog, I can live vicariously through you.

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