Jonny Blair at a floating restaurant in the Philippines

A Trip on a Floating Restaurant in Bohol, Philippines

This is typical of the Philippines, a trip on a floating restaurant! The warm, friendly people, the gorgeous climate, the range of food, the relaxation and the lack of skyscrapers and office blocks. As our restaurant sailed through the rivers of Bohol, it was time to truly relax and realise how amazing a lifestyle of Read more about A Trip on a Floating Restaurant in Bohol, Philippines[…]

tarsier centre bohol philippines

The Tarsier Centre, Bohol, Philippines

First up you’ll have glanced at the photo of the odd looking creature and be asking “What’s a Tarsier?” I also didn’t know the answer until I seen one on Bohol island in the Philippines last month! Is it a monkey? No. Is it a koala bear? No. Is it an alien? No. But it Read more about The Tarsier Centre, Bohol, Philippines[…]

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