3 Top Reasons to Improve Your Travel Plans with Background Checks

It’s no big secret that vacations, while meant to be pleasurable, can sometimes be a pretty big source of increased stress. My latest Caribbean adventure had a lot more of that due to…COVID 19 and new measures and restrictions. I’ll just never have time to do as much blogging as I did before!

3 Top Reasons to Improve Your Travel Plans with Background Checks

Especially in the lead-up to a big trip, it’s a common tendency to load up one’s to-do list with more tasks and one’s mind with more worries.

Chances are, adding background checks to the travel prep list probably never crossed your mind. While getting background checks filled seems like an unnecessary step that adds a lot of paperwork, the reality is that they can help you alleviate a lot of the stress associated with traveling.

Add an easy-to-obtain background check to your pre-trip to-do list for any of the reasons below, and wipe countless other worries away.

1. House and Pet-Sitters

If you’re planning on giving your pets a stay-cation while you’re away, you’ll probably want them to have the most luxurious care possible.

While there are many pet-sitting networking sites out there, you can still never be completely sure that who you are allowing into your home to take care of your beloved fur babies is 100% reliable. Unless you do your own vetting, that is.

The same goes for house-sitters. Many vacationers prefer to have someone stay in their home to prevent a host of problems that could arise in your absence, from burglary to burst pipes to dead plants.

Your most valuable assets deserve the most reliable care, so put your mind at ease by getting a fast background check done first.

2. Travel Insurance

For years it’s been common for life or home insurance companies to require a background check before finalizing any agreements. Travel insurance agencies are the newest group to make background checks a standard requirement, and for a good reason.

Knowing a little more about your employment, credit, and criminal history (or lack thereof) can help them give them a sense of your trustworthiness. Once these companies feel comfortable relying on you to be safe and competent in your travels, they’ll be able to give you the lowest rates available.

3. Visa Requirements

To keep their citizens safe, more and more foreign countries are imposing stricter visa requirements to gain entry to keep their citizens safe. Regardless of whether you are planning on extended business travel or just doing some short-term holiday sightseeing, you might be asked for some extensive paperwork to get across the border or access your records with an embassy.

While all visa requirements differ in terms and conditions, you shouldn’t be shocked to see that many ask for a full background check. Even if it’s only optional, getting a background check done could help you avoid other paperwork headaches down the line and speed up the whole visa or passport process.


The list above names just a few of the many reasons why seeking a background check can be a valuable task to fulfill in the lead-up to a big trip.

Most excursions involve encountering unknown circumstances and people, which is a huge reason why many people suffer from travel anxiety. If getting a quick and easy background check filled — on your personal history or someone else’s — can help put your mind at ease and initiate vacation mode, then consider it a travel must.

3 Top Reasons to Improve Your Travel Plans with Background Checks

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