4 Reasons to Use More Than One Camera

A photo of me taking a photo!  4 Reasons to Use More Than One Camera

A photo of me taking a photo! 4 Reasons to Use More Than One Camera

I’m a self confessed “photo freak”. I have that fear that if I don’t take photos or make videos I will lose the moment forever apart from my internal memory and I stand by that. I’m no camera expert though but I do know that if you enjoy photography as a hobby, even outside travel, then you will probably love to take pictures with the Fuji xe1. This kind of camera takes a lot better pictures than a traditional smartphone, and it is a great investment for an aspiring photographer. While it is a great camera, there are also many other options available that take great photos. This makes it difficult for a photographer to choose the perfect camera for their needs. In many scenarios, it might make sense to invest in more than one. Here are four reasons why today’s photographers have multiple cameras.

A photo taken with our "second camera", at Petra, Jordan.

A photo taken with our “second camera”, at Petra, Jordan.

1 – Cameras Are Designed for Different Uses

The obvious reason to purchase multiple cameras is because they are designed for different uses. For example, if you want to shoot beauty images, you will need a camera with a good lens that can focus well. However, if you are shooting lifestyle images, you might want a wide-angle lens. A lot of cameras allow you to switch lenses; however, there may be scenarios where you will need a camera that requires something more than a different lens. One example of this is when photographers want to capture an image with actual film. In this instance, a digital camera will not work.

2 – Eliminate Much of the Transportation Burden

One of the most common rules that photographers live by is that they should keep their camera with them at all times. This can be a hassle if they are transporting a large camera and any supplies that go along with it. For this reason, a lot of people prefer to invest in a smaller camera that is easier to transport. This ensures that they always have the ability to capture an image. However, they do not have the burden involved with carrying such a large load around. In addition, they do not need to worry about damaging their camera during transit.

3 – It Is Nice to Have a Backup

If you take a lot of pictures, it is nice to have a backup camera. This will allow you to continue taking pictures if something happens to the camera that you rely on. Although your phone can capture images, the quality is questionable. Photographers, in particular, might struggle if they do not have a decent backup camera available in the event that something happens to the one they use regularly. Although the backup camera does not need to be the same exact model, it should be able to take sufficient pictures if your go to camera cannot. It allows for losing photos too – which is probably even a reason on its own!

A cool shot in Yerevan, Armenia.

A cool shot in Yerevan, Armenia.

4 – Another Camera Gives You a Different Perspective

When you are a photographer, it is important to find a good camera that allows you to capture details through your lens. Sometimes, a different camera will provide you with a different perspective. This can be helpful is you are shooting a difficult subject or trying to convey a unique meaning with your image. In fact, you might become fond of a few cameras because of the variety of images and perspectives that they offer when you are taking photos.

Remember, if you want to capture the beauty you see around you, there are plenty of cameras to help you do so. Do not be afraid to use more than one, in fact make sure you gave a back up – I’ve lost a LOAD of travel photos down the years because I only carried one camera.

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