4 Ways You Can Make Money and Travel the World

When you have a passion for travel, work should not be a barrier for you. If you want to travel, you will, as I have professed many times. See the world and do not be worried about the sum of money you spend. Before we start a discussion, we have one question – “Is your work mobile?” For example, if you work as a copywriter for a company which offers http://eduzaurus.com/essay-writing-services, then you can work as a freelancer. You can work remotely as a dig-it-all nomad and even earn money through passive income options on your blogs. If you are working on the move, you should book a hotel with Wi-Fi and bring your laptop with you. However, if you have to sit in the office all the day through, it may be a problem to take your job with you on a vacation. Think about it first of all.

I'll be blogging about my Pacific Ocean trip

4 Ways You Can Make Money and Travel the World

Here are Top 4 tips on how not to separate work and vacation and create a kind of “workation”:

  1. Performing on the streets

Those, who have artistic personalities can dance, sing or make some creative shows on the streets. For example, you can paint yourself in silver and people can take photo with you for a couple of dollars. You will be amazed by the fact that you can afford at least a meal and a night in a hostel simply showing off in the corner of a street that is highly popular among tourists. However, you need to be careful in order not to break local laws because you may be fined or even arrested.

  1. Traveling shows

This tip is quite similar to the previous one. If you feel that you are talented, you can join an international traveling show. For example, a circus, a theatre performance or a dance show. Moreover, even if you do not want to perform, you can still work as a staff. These shows are often lack of people therefore it is your chance! You may have not a lot of time to see the interesting places, however, you will definitely be paid. In addition, you will probably make friends with some interesting and creative people.

dancing in north korea

Shows and events

  1. Work that depends on a season

If you are not afraid of a work that may require long stretches and that can be dirty, then you can pick lowers, fruits or vegetables. The way I did for months on end working on broccoli farms in Tasmania. Moreover, you can eat (if nobody will see it) and spend all the time on the open air! What can be better? Search for the farms that need help. If you like animals, you can take care of horses, cows and pigs. Your working day will consist of feeding the animals and probably washing them. Read about the further details and responsibilities when you will be searching the Web.

Broccoli Harvesting in Poatina, Tasmania

Broccoli Harvesting in Poatina, Tasmania

  1. Summer camp or resort work

If you are full of energy and like communicating, then consider working in a summer camp or in the resort houses. Some of these places usually are held near the beaches or in the mountains therefore you will spend time healthy far away from the dirty streets, cars and gases. In addition, it may be a good idea to work on a cruise ship. For example, take a look at the cruise ship that goes to the USA, Cuba and many different islands. Or teaching in Africa and Asia. Broaden your worldview while earning some cash!

esa school arusha jonny blair

Teaching in Africa

All in all, although working while having a vacation seems to be unreal, it is possible! Use the 4 tips mentioned above to travel all around the world without grudging every penny. Good luck!

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