5 Cool Things To Do In Iceland

Back in 2007, I visited the magical island of Iceland. It was a trip full of adventures and also included watching my international football Northern Ireland play in a live match. We also did the splendid Golden Circle tour, taking in many of the country’s cool sights and I spent my last two nights in the town of Keflavik. I was touring the country with two of my childhood friends, Gavin and Michael plus others I had met on my journeys including John Hart, Owen Millar and Ian McKinney. Here are 5 cool things to do when backpacking in Iceland.

5 Cool Things To Do In Iceland

1.Visit the Blue Lagoon
For me, it seemed crazy to leave the Blue Lagoon out of our itinerary but thanks to my poor management, I almost did. You see back in 2007 I was a novice backpacker and I forgot to take my swimming trunks on that trip. In fact, even the day that we headed to the Blue Lagoon, I totally forgot about the notion to buy a pair, despite prior knowledge that we would be swimming in the famous Blue Lagoon later on. So, I managed to shock all my mates by buying a pair of pink women’s panties that were not even swimming trunks or swimming pants. But it was my only option if I wanted to have a dip in the blue lagoon so I did it.

pink pants

In the MEN’s changing room in the Blue Lagoon in my PINK ladies pants – not even swimming trunks!

2.Hire a Campervan
Travelling in Iceland is not cheap, but a good option to save on cash is to look for an option of Iceland Camper Rental. For a start, you will have complete freedom to travel all around this magical island. Secondly, you will be able to save money by sleeping in it. Thirdly you can save money for sure as you will be your own tour guide. Some of the roads are pure isolation and you can definitely get off the beaten track (or “off the wheaten craic” as I once professed). Do some hiking while you’re parked up and visit the place where the government was formed – Pingvellir.

You can also rent a campervan with Cozy Campers, which offers budget-friendly camper rental in Iceland. The company has designed and equipped their campervans to meet travelers’ needs for a cozy accommodation and reliable transportation while touring Iceland.

The hike at Pingvellir, Iceland

3.Marvel at Gullfoss
I have visited over 30 waterfalls on my travels around the world but I have to admit that Gullfoss in Iceland makes my top 3. The phenomenal wind on the walk down to it, the wildness of the gushing waters and the sheer epic views here as the beauty of natural Iceland hits you first hand.

Gullfoss is stunning

4.Admire Reykjavik’s Church – the Hallgrímskirkja
The main church in Reykjavik, known as Hallgrímskirkja is huge and a magnificent building. It sits atop a hill and is the highest religious building in the world’s most northerly capital city, making it the closest capital city church to the North Pole. You can go inside and also check out the views from the top.

Hallgrímskirkja - Church in Reykjavik Iceland

Hallgrímskirkja – Church in Reykjavik Iceland

5.Walk Around the Volcanic Areas
Iceland has so many volcanic areas, that it is blessed with geysirs, craters and springs. You should try and visit the Great Geysir, the smaller geysirs and the themal pools all around. The scenery is just magnificent at times.

Backpacking Iceland Geysir

Backpacking Iceland Geysir

It’s a truly wonderful country so safe travels!

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