5 Major Things That Change When You Move To a New Country

Moving to a new country is very exciting and presents a lot of new possibilities, but it also brings a lot of changes in your life. Some of these changes can be unpleasant and hard in the beginning, but they will ultimately lead to giving you a better understanding of the world, and they will help you develop a global mindset.

5 Major Things That Change When You Move To a New Country

So, if you are planning to move to a new country in the future then stick around to find out some of the major and significant things that change when you move to a new and foreign country.

Life Back Home Before you set your sights on a new country, have everything sorted out first. You’ll want to cancel your lease or look for renters before you go. It doesn’t matter where you live, whether it is Blackpool or Brighton – you can’t afford to keep paying for a place you aren’t using. Instead of keeping the whole place, renting a self storage unit is your best option. Self storage in Brighton can hold all of your belongings while you are travelling to Europe or Asia. The rental fee would be significantly cheaper than a flat or house. If you are determined to keep your place, self storage allows you to tuck away valuable and sentimental items. With your prized possession in a unit, you can rent it out to day-trippers and make extra cash for your travels. When you are half-across the world, you shouldn’t have to worry about your life back home. Tie up any loose ends and make the most of your trip!


One of the most significant changes that will happen when you move to a foreign country is the language. Learning the native language should be one of your top priorities. It will help you settle into the new environment and integrate with the society and trust me, the natives will really appreciate it if you try to learn their language.

You don’t need to take some formal lessons to learn how to speak the language. The key is to maximize your interaction with the language. Take every chance to speak the language. Try watching the local news or watch some movies in the new language.

Now the language will not be a problem if you are moving to another English speaking country like Canada or the UK, but if you are moving to a country like China or Japan, then you will need to start working on the new language as soon as you leave. Go to this web page to learn more about teaching and learning a new language.

Learning Polish with Alina: Jestem Jonny, Jestem Irlandzkim Pisarzem Podróżnikiem z Dontstopliving.net

Learning Polish with Alina: Jestem Jonny, Jestem Irlandzkim Pisarzem Podróżnikiem z Dontstopliving.net


Culture shock is a real thing, and if you move to a country with a very different culture, then you will definitely feel it. If you are going to move to a new country, you need to learn a bit about their culture and their social norms so that you can easily start integrating into the society and to make sure that you don’t disrespect the culture of the locals.

Touring Ta Pa Tsune/Taxia Village in China’s Fujian Province


You may not think this, but your diet will change a lot when you move to a different country. Every country has its own special and unique cuisine that you may enjoy and add to your diet, or there might be some food items that are not available so easily in the new country. But ultimately, the new diet will allow you to taste and enjoy new local and delicious cuisines that you wouldn’t have ever tasted otherwise.

Food at Dolce Kigali, Rwanda


Of course, the climate will also change when you move to a new country, and this will be a little hard to adjust to in the beginning. The country that you are moving to may have a completely opposite climate than your home country. So, remember to pack accordingly and be ready for the change so that you can adjust in the new weather.


When you move to a new country, unfortunately, you will drift apart from your friends. You would not be able to meet them and interact with them as you did when you were home. But don’t worry, you will definitely make some new local friends that will also help you integrate into the culture and society in the new country.

Some of these opinions are from fellow tourist Marcel. After graduating in Industrial Engineering in 2007, from day one, Marcel has been working as a freelance writer, digital marketer, and business trainer. He’s very much into foreign cultures and learning languages and enjoys leaving his office for backpacking and hiking trips in the countryside. Together with his team, he blogs about teaching English as a foreign language on https://jimmyesl.com.

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