5 Cool Tips on Getting Cheap Flights

What’s the secret? How can you get cheap flights? Share some inspiration on how you can travel the world for cheaper. These sorts of questions and statements are brandished around a lot in the travel industry and while it’s not always obvious what the answer is, there are some tips you can adhere to in order to secure that budget flight and get your holiday sorted on a budget!

5 Cool Tips on Getting Cheap Flights

5 Cool Tips on Getting Cheap Flights

1.Check Budget Airlines
As easy as this sounds, we must remember that flight search websites like Skyscanner and Expedia do not cover most of the low cost and budget airlines. Notable absentees are Ryanair, Easy Jet, Wizz air and Air Asia. So think outside the box and always check budget airlines.

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Tips for getting cheap flights

2.Be Flexible
Do not tie yourself down to exact days you want to fly. People that say they have to fly on an exact day (or even an exact time) have more limits, ultimately if you look around and are flexible with dates, you can then choose the cheapest option on those dates.

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Tips for getting cheap flights

3.Consider Other Nearby Airports
Want to fly to London? Fly into Luton, SOuthampton or Bournemouth and overland it. Same goes for Oslo, fly into Rygge. With Venice, fly into Treviso and so on. It’s easy when you know how. Just look at a map before you book to see what alternative airports you can fly into.

4.Fly Tuesday
Oddly it’s a well known travel secret that if you fly on Tuesday, flights are cheaper, so check it out! Get your flights booked on a Tuesday and off you go on a budget trip!

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Tips for cheap flights

5.Collect Air Miles
Sign up for as many different air miles options as you can and always, always, always claim your points. That way, when you build them up each time, sooner or later you will be getting free flights and upgrades. Frequent flyers know all about this idea, so get it in motion!

These are just five quick tips, there are many more of course but safe travels and happy saving money!

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