5 Different Travel Transportation Methods

If you’re going to travel this year, you might not be sure what transportation method makes the most sense for you. There are plenty of options, and each one has positives and negatives. Some are strictly utilitarian, while others let you travel with style and flair.

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5 Different Travel Transportation Methods.

We’ll go over five different traveling transportation possibilities. We’ll also talk about each one’s potential cons and pros.


Some people like motorcycle riding. You can hop on and cruise around the country, assuming you have a license.

Quick ride on Julio’s motorbike – pick up from Capricho to his family home.

If you decide to do this, make sure to bring a helmet with you. Nineteen states have universal helmet laws, as well as the District of Columbia. However, you should wear your helmet anytime you ride your motorcycle because:

  • Motorcycle accidents happen frequently
  • If you crash, you might sustain a concussion

If you have a motorcycle and know how to ride it, this is a unique way to see the country. You can appreciate all of its natural beauty if you’re out on the open road feeling the wind rush past you.

If you have to travel with kids, though, this is not a possible transportation method. You’ll need to save this trip option for when there are only adults in your group.


RV travel can be fun. You get to roll down the highway in an apartment on wheels. If you purchase an RV:

  • You can bring tons of food and beverages along with you
  • You typically have a restroom on board and many other amenities

The average RV has a kitchen setup for cooking, some more elaborate than others. You can sleep in the RV if you find a suitable campsite, saving you hotel room costs.

You May Want To Give It All Up To Live In A Van

As far as RV negatives, it’s a gargantuan vehicle, and some people aren’t that great at driving something that size. You can practice with it to some extent, but it’s tough if you find yourself in heavy traffic and you are not that confident of a driver.

If you have someone accustomed to truck or RV driving, this might be a suitable choice. However, most people like RV driving in warmer weather rather than in the winter.


If you’re in good shape, you can hop on your bike and take off across the country. You can burn many calories every day while never paying a cent for gas money.

Cycling in Tczew - by the Wisla River Magda Labuda Greblin

Cycling in Tczew – by the Wisla River

Like motorcycle riding, bicycle travel is nice because you’re experiencing America in a way that many individuals never will. There’s a romantic aspect to this travel form.

The real drawback is that it’s not safe to bike down the highway. You can’t go sixty miles per hour on a bike, and you’re in danger if you ride on the shoulder with cars zooming by going ten times as fast as you are.

Backpacking in Poland: Cycling in Gdańsk with Mika on the Road and Hostel Cycle On

Backpacking in Poland: Cycling in Gdańsk with Mika on the Road and Hostel Cycle On

You can try to map out paths through the states that are bike-friendly, but it’s still a risky prospect. If you try to do this, at the very least, bring a smartphone along. That way, if you injure yourself or another rider with you does, you can immediately call for help.


Most people don’t even regard hitchhiking as a viable travel option anymore. In the twentieth century, it was much more common. Jack Kerouac and the Beat generation thought nothing of hitching across the country, meeting friendly people, and having adventures.

Hitching a ride in Boe Province, Nauru

Hitching a ride in Boe Province, Nauru

That’s not such a smart idea these days. There are many psychos out there, and you never know someone’s motivation when they pick you up. They may be a Good Samaritan, but they also might plan on butchering you and dumping your body in the woods.

At least hitchhiking is free, but that’s probably the only good thing you can say about it. If you have no money and you’re desperate for a ride, you might try sticking out your thumb and hoping for the best.

Greyhound and Similar Bus Companies

You can always catch a Greyhound bus or use one of the other bus companies in this country. They don’t often cost that much, so you save money versus catching a flight.

A local bus at the border in Gibraltar

Are we bus loyal?

You also don’t have to drive, so this is a suitable option if you don’t have a license or vehicle. Still, they aren’t exactly comfortable, so you probably won’t enjoy one much if you’re on it for multiple hours.

Also, you never know if there’s going to be a crazy person sitting next to you who can’t wait to tell you about their latest conspiracy theory.

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