Super Shipping Option For Tourists: Eurosender

Super Shipping Option For Tourists: EuroSender

Super Shipping Option For Tourists: Eurosender

My days of being a long term tourist and global backpacker come whackpacker have been and gone. At least for 2020 when the Coronavirus crisis spread its ugly disease all over the world, making us mask-loyal, homebound and travel-free. Now that I have a flat and have reloacted to Poland, I began to look at options for moving a lot of my stuff. At one point in my life, I had my own personal belongings in 5 different countries at the same time – wow. Wacaday, but not cool – Australia, Hong Kong, England, Northern Ireland and Poland. Thankfully, what I left in Australia stays there now and I collected everything I had left in England and Hong Kong by 2017. This means that these days all my belongings in life are in TWO countries only. How easy!

world borders leaving azerbaijan for georgia

Whackpacking had taken its toll. Where am I?

Even easier would be if I had them altogether and didn’t have them in separate countries. So I began to research this year about a place to settle for a while longer, and how to move all my stuff. I started by looking online, and I found Eurosender. Here is a little bit about Eurosender as I prepare to use their service very soon.

What is Eurosender?

Eurosender is a modern digital platform that makes your logistics easier. It is a service that combines advanced automation capabilities, empowering companies to create their own digital logistics department and increase their performance. Now, companies can delegate their logistics operations with known solutions and personal and private customers can have smoother transportation of goods and equipment between homes, cities and countries.

Super Shipping Option For Tourists: Eurosender

The Eurosender platform acts as a control tower for companies to keep a tight grip and control over their internal logistics. However, from a personal standpoint, I am of course much more keen on their role to help the individial like me, let’s watch their video:

What articles can you send?

So you might want to know what can be sent, and when I looked at it, it covers almost everything you would want to send. Pets, food and drink afre not included but then again, those aren’t exactly the main things you would want to use a company like Eurosender for. Here are just some of the things you can send with Eurosender, you can find the full list here.


You can send your furniture – beds, wardrobes, desks etc. Book their furniture removal service when selling antique pieces, relocating or buying new furniture. They offer a wide range of shipping services that can be used both by individuals and businesses shipping to their customers or warehouses.

Buying beds in Ikea

Send your bed

Household items

An obvious one is to send your household items from rugs to laundry baskets to anything lying around that is too bulky, risky or cumbersome to whack in the back of your Astra. Eurosender offer the perfect solution for shipping any household appliance, regardless of its volume.


If you have a desk top, a washing machine or some awkward household electronics to send, Eurosender are experts in the field. They know exactly what you need when shipping electronics: a safe, fast and trackable service. This is why they partner only with reliable and renowned logistics providers, to guarantee your products will always be in good hands. This gives safety and security.

washing machine

Send your washing machine

Personal belongings

If you are thinking of that Panini Mexico 86 sticker album or the ticket for Colchester United away or every Beano album of the 1980s, or a Donald Duck toothbrush, then enter Eurosender to send them! Booking through Eurosender with courier services for shipping your belongings locally or globally is fast and easy. With their door-to-door delivery service, your items will be delivered directly at your doorstep, signed for, safely and without any issues.

mexico 86 album

Panini loyal – ship your Mexico 86 Panini Sticker album

Sports equipment

From golf clubs to a snooker table to your cricket clothing, it is also on the list of things that can be shipped easily through Eurosender. Sports equipment can include some of the most popular items for shipping by post or courier. Whether your item is as large as a surfboard or as heavy as gym equipment, you can always count on Eurosender to provide a safe delivery for your articles.

mini golf christchurch

Ship your golf clubs

Luggage, Backpacks, Suitcases

If you are fed up with aeroplanes stealing your backpacks like has happened to me over 10 times now, with some sh*t airlines, you can now avoid that hassle! Would you like to avoid excess baggage fees when travelling? Travel light and stress-free. Ship your luggage ahead to your hotel or accommodation and have it waiting for you when you arrive. This is another great option! Backpacks loyal too of course!

My new backpack at Lagoan Isles, Portsmouth

Send your backpacks and suitcases

So overall, so many options and such an easy one-stop shop to solve all this moving hassle. At Eurosender, as you can tell, they offer a wide variety of shipping services; from solutions for transporting cardboard boxes, packages & suitcases, personal items, furniture to pallet delivery, cargo transport and even full-on house removals. Whatever article you need to send by mail or courier, they can find the right service for you. With combined logistics capabilities, they can offer adapted shipping solutions for businesses and individuals. Get instant quotes and book your delivery in just a few clicks.

Get 10% off at Eurosender!!

As a special offer for my readers, use the code TRAVEL20 for 10% off services at Eurosender – that will be active for 1 year, until the end of December 2021!

So if you need help shipping your goods, be sure to check out Eurosender. I will be aiming to use their service soon!

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