5 Great Cities to Live in Tennessee, USA

Backpacking in the USA is something I need to do more of and I’m aware of it! I don’t really do guest posts but a travel buddy raves about Tennessee so we’ve teamed together for a take on it. Tennessee is a vibrant, eclectic state that has plenty to offer, from exciting cities to quiet small towns. Cost of living is also not expensive. You can check rent price trends Memphis, Tennessee and see the current price rentals for apartments. So whether you are looking for an urban oasis where you can enjoy plenty of shopping, events, and eateries, or you are searching for a quaint little rural home to call your own, the possibilities in this state are endless. Sounds pretty cool, eh? And the bonus is that Tennessee is also one of the more affordable places to live within the United States, making it perfect for anyone who is looking for a change they can afford. Got it – I’m in!

Flag of Tennessee, USA.

Flag of Tennessee, USA.

Below is a list of five of the best cities in Tennessee that are ideal for families and for having a good time.

1. Brentwood
Although Brentwood is one of the most expensive cities in Tennessee, it is definitely one that you should definitely consider if you are planning a move to the state, and it is also a great little suburb right outside of the exciting city of Nashville, so you can be sure you will be in the center of all the action. With a successful school system, this is an area that is also perfect for growing families. And the other pretty neat thing about this town is the fact that many famous people, including Niki Taylor, Garth Brooks, Kesha, and Dolly Parton, are from here as well. No doubt some decent music venues at night and certainly a city for the “richer folk”…

Brentwood is a place to get the shirt and tie out of my backpack - yes I do own one...

Brentwood is a place to get the shirt and tie out of my backpack – yes I do own one…

2. Germantown
Germantown is located east of the city of Memphis, and it is also another highly desirable place to live in Tennessee, much like Brentwood, but more affordable. There are great schools here as well, with a very high graduation rate, making it a perfect option for families with children. Festivals and local events keep things fun and interesting so you will not get bored.

3. Bartlett
A lower cost of living makes Bartlett highly attractive, as does its unique atmosphere and its optimal location outside of Memphis. Often referred to as the cultural center of the state, you will find modern amenities mixed with historical sites like the Nicholas Gotten House and the Davies Manor Plantation. So if you are looking for an impressive place to live but you are on a budget, this is definitely an option.

4. Lakeland
A low unemployment rate is definitely one of the draws of Lakeland, which is also located near Memphis. But on top of that, you can enjoy a low crime rate and a lower cost of living here as well. If you are looking for a place to call home in the country, Lakeland should definitely be on your list of options. As soon as you drive in, you will notice the picturesque natural landscape and lovely homes throughout. Outdoor activities are abundant here, and you will have easy access to parks, streams, lakes, ponds, and more.

5 Cool Cities in Tennessee, USA.

5 Cool Cities in Tennessee, USA.

5. Signal Mountain
With a super low crime rate and small town charm, Signal Mountain is yet another fantastic town in Tennessee. It also boasts a low unemployment rate and a successful school system. If you plan on renting here, though, expect to pay quite a bit.

Thanks to Walter Copeland for his cool insight here – Walter is a freelance travel writer who enjoys analysing the many areas throughout the United States where people can work and play. If you are ready to move to the wonderful state of Tennessee, check out RE/MAX of Tennessee to see what homes are currently for sale in the cities of your choice.

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