5 Islands I Want To Visit

You might have read about my top 5 tranquil islands before and how the Maldives is one of my dream destinations, but here are my top 5 islands that I’d love to visit. Some are countries in their own right, others merely islands – it’s not all about sand and sun though – hiking, wildlife, architecture and a few beers too. I give myself five years to make it to all five! Hopefully I can do one a year…

5 Islands I want to visit - Crete, Greece.

5 Islands I want to visit – Crete, Greece.

1. Crete, Greece

I’ve been to a Greek island before – I was in Rhodes and loved it! However recently a load of budget airlines are offering top rates direct from most big European cities which means flying to Crete is cheaper now that it was even in the Greek recession (or is that still on? 😉 ). Happy hours on the beach and some ancient ruins will keep me intrigued. They have their own cool flag too – I’m a fan of flags!

crete flag

The Crete Flag!

2. Falkland Islands (UK)

OK so I did the whole backpacking in Antarctica thing back in 2010 but I went on a budget trip of course so it didn’t include the Falkland Islands. Being from a British background (Northern Ireland), I’ll be biased to say they’re ours, but I do understand the Argentine’s motives as well. I’d happily watch the sun sink from a British Pub with a fine ale though, and spend my British pounds!

british antarctic base

At the British Base in Antarctica in 2010 but I haven’t been to the Falkland Islands yet…

3. Cuba

OK so there’s a photo on here of my girlfriend backpacking in Cuba and that does make me a tad jealous! Cuba was never really on my list before, but recent trips to a load of communist and former communist countries (Ethiopia, Georgia, North Korea etc.) have ignited my desire to head here. Ideally head there while Fidel Castro is still around as the place could change dramatically if he’s not. I’ll never forget the time I watched a Manic Street Preachers gig live from Cuba on TV.

panny yu trinidad cuba

Panny does Trinidad in Cuba. I’ve yet to go!

4. Easter Island, Chile

Again my girlfriend has beaten me to this one – she’s a bigger traveller than me but I long to visit Easter Island just for a few days to see those ancient head rocks. It’s a really remote spot but you can fly in from Chile or Ecuador. Will be checking out the options this summer when I’m back in South America.

panny yu easter island chile

Panny Yu at Easter Island in Chile. Beating me to it, again.

A mate of mine, George Hibard went there last year and posted a Facebook photo with my name on it! A nice touch!!

Hello to Jonny Blair from Easter Island!! Message from my mate George!

Hello to Jonny Blair from Easter Island!! Message from my mate George!

5. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Yes, I did Ecuador but didn’t do the Galapagos Islands. It’s not a cheap trip and last time around I had budgeted for the Inca Trail, Antarctica and Venezuela so I left this one out. Gigantic tortoises and metre long iguanas make this place unique on planet earth. I want to go!!

A gigantic tortoise - dinosaur reminiscent on the Galapagos Islands.

A gigantic tortoise – dinosaur reminiscent on the Galapagos Islands.

In the meantime I’m in Hong Kong, China and Thailand the next few months trying to get my South America plans in place. I’m giving myself 5 years to try and visit all five of these!!

8 thoughts on “5 Islands I Want To Visit

  • I really want to visit Easter Island and the Galapagoes also. Like you I visited South America previously but did not have the budget for those trips. Some day. I also want to go spot lemurs in Madagascar. Too many islands too little time

  • Cuba is somewhere i have always wanted to go.. one day i hope!! Hope you get there too!

  • Thanks for the comment Bernie – a load of my mates and also my girlfriend have been to Cuba. I’ve yet to make it – maybe before I hit my 100th country! Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hey Jonny.

    There a weekly flight from the south of Chile to Falklands every Saturday on LAN airlines. It is a touch expensive but i would assume it would be worth it spending a whole week in the Falklands.

    One of my friends went to Cuba and he says its best if you carry euros so you can exchange them for CUC peso because USD gets an excess of 10% in surcharges when you exchange at official markets. If you were still living in Europe you could get a cheaper flight from Spain.

    I reckon Maldives would be expensive but there’s plenty to see in male.

  • Cool information there Martin and I’ve still to crack these five islands! My girlfriend was in Cuba and was telling me how they have 2 different currencies there – crazy stuff! I’m in central America at the moment though, so not too far from a few of them! Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Heidi thanks for the tips. Cuba and the Caribbean have not been on my tourist list just yet. Hopefully one day I will backpack them. Safe travels. Jonny

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