5 Items You Should Always Stow in Your Carry-On While Travelling

Travelling can provide frequent flyers with various benefits, from meeting new people, stepping out of their comfort zone, learning about different cultures, making memories, and much more. Prompting as many as 19.1 million Brits to travel inter-country in 2021, travel can be a dream come true for most tourists, yet nightmarish for others!

5 Items You Should Always Stow in Your Carry-On While Travelling

Despite being portrayed as a way to detox, travel can put much pressure on people, especially regarding packing. Whether you’re taking a backpack or a suitcase, deciding what to take with you on holiday requires a thoughtful approach to ensure each item you take is TSA-approved, and you avoid any hold-ups at the airport.

From tweezers and manicure scissors to electronics and vape pens, how do you take everything you need and still follow TSA’s travel regulations? To help you get to your destination smoothly, we’ve created this article so you can plan ahead by strategically stowing these items in your carry-on while travelling. Keep reading to find out more below:

Important Documents

Of course, you should store all the essential documents you’ll need for your flight in your carry-on. However, despite being self-explanatory, you still hear nightmarish airport stories about people forgetting their passports, printing the wrong boarding pass, and much more. To prevent you from ending up like one of these horror stories, put your boarding pass, passport, and anything else you might need to present at the airport in your carry-on the night before you fly.

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Alongside all your essential travel documentation, it is also recommended to keep other documentation, such as directions, itinerary, train tickets and event tickets, in your wallet in your carry-on bag as this makes them easier to find when you need them once you touch down in your destination country.

If you haven’t already, it’s also wise to print out physical copies of all the documentation you’re taking – even if they can be accessed digitally! Accidents can still happen despite technology evolving rapidly over the last few years! Whether the airport’s complimentary Wi-Fi goes down or your phone runs out of charge, you can’t dismiss that something might prevent you from using your digital documents, so having a backup physical copy is essential.

Elf Bars And Other Types Of E-Cigarettes

Travel can be tedious if you’re a smoker since the airport is a strictly no-smoking or vaping zone, so you must wait until you touch down at your destination before having another nicotine hit. However, this is the least of your worries; your main fear might be whether you can take your smoking paraphernalia in your carry-on with you.

If this query is plaguing you, you’ll be pleased to hear that smoking paraphernalia is allowed in your carry-on baggage so long as you adhere to the rules and regulations for entering your destination country with tobacco products/accessories. The number of cigarettes you can pack in your carry-on depends on where you’re flying to; however, the rules for e-cigarettes remain the same.

Whether you’re taking refillable e-cigarettes or disposable vapes like Elf Bars or Geek Bars, all are permitted to your hand luggage and cannot be stored in checked-in baggage. So long as you follow the rules of your flight provider (as they all differ!) and your destination country, you should not encounter any problems while flying with a vape pen or disposable smoking device.

If you’re still struggling to wrap your head around the travel restrictions or would like to stock up on disposal vapes before your flight, consider using independent vape stores like Grey Haze, which stock a variety of vaping paraphernalia and produce vaping-related news/advice like this blog post. Consider visiting their website for more information or contacting them directly for specific inquiries.

Entertainment For The Flight

Unless you’re headed on a long-haul flight or travelling with a non-budget airline, you might find that your options for in-flight travel are somewhat limited. The last thing you want to do is spend the next three hours on a plane watching the clouds pass by, so avoid boredom by packing some entertainment in your carry-on.

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Whether you catch up on your favourite TV show using your tablet, read novels using your e-reader, or play games on a handheld device, there are many ways to keep yourself (and anyone else you’re travelling with) entertained while on a plane.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any of those items to bring with you, there are plenty of other ways you can pass the time by sleeping, socialising or reading. Plus, although airport purchases can be expensive, if you forget to bring something with you, plenty of in-airport merchants retail books, board games, and much more that can keep you entertained.

Any Items Of Value

Although you might think your valuable items will be safer in your checked-in baggage, they belong in your carry-on bag if you’ve splurged on them. Despite recent claims from Gatwick Airport, saying that their staff reunites 85% of lost valuable items with their owners, there is always room for incidents whether a member of baggage control steals an object or an item is lost/left around the airport.

Chargers, adapters

Chargers, adapters

Even if it might be a pain getting all your valuables out when it comes to security checks, the best way to look at it is if you are upset if it goes missing, then you should keep it on your person. Whether it’s an iPad, iPhone, e-reader, laptop, headphones, designer sunglasses, designer clothes, camera, or jewellery, you’ll feel much better travelling with it if it’s always within your sight. So, give yourself peace of mind, and slip it into your carry-on!

A Yummy Snack

Flight times can be random at best, and unless you’ve gotten lucky and managed to secure a mid-afternoon flight, you could find yourself at the airport as early as 5 pm or as late as 9 pm. Since neither of these times is ideal for having a meal, it might be wise to stow a snack or a drink in your carry-on to tide you over until you reach your destination.

Tayto crisps

Plus, in-flight food or airport food can be expensive! So, save your bank the stretch and pack yourself a little something like a sandwich, crisps, or chocolate bar to nibble on. So long as whatever you bring is wrapped and non-liquid, it will pass the TSA security checks and be taken onto the plane with you – that’s if it even makes it that far!

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