5 Luxury Travel Activities You Should Do in Your Lifetime

5 Luxury Travel Activities You Should Do in Your Lifetime

While luxury travel may be expensive, it starts to feel much more attainable when you view it as a collection of places and activities as opposed to a single indivisible monolithic days-long trip. Most luxury travel activities are actually within the reach of the average middle class family.

But there are so many luxury activities you can do that it can be hard to choose. We would recommend that at the minimum, the following should be on your bucket list.

  • African Safari

Africa has often been characterized as one of the poorest and most deprived regions. Interestingly, this doesn’t translate to travel to this beautiful continent that’s teeming with fauna being cheaper than elsewhere. Safaris can be prohibitively expensive. That shouldn’t mean striking them off your to-do list though.

Choosing clean, safe but lower-priced accommodation would allow you to see the breathtaking animals without breaking the bank. For an even better experience, connect with local guides who have deep knowledge of the wilderness in the area away from the beaten path. It will deliver a rawness that just sticking with the predictable safari itinerary cannot.

Safari in Tanzania


  • Ride a Private Jet

Now, you are probably thinking this is one of the most unrealistic ideas you’ve ever heard. After all, private jet travel is typically associated with top corporate executives, world-famous celebrities and millionaire entrepreneurs. But private jet charter is a fast growing industry that has made private jet travel more affordable.

Ideally, the private charter will work best for you if you are travelling with friends or family with whom you can split the overall cost. It will still be much more expensive than flying coach on a commercial airliner but it’s worth doing at least once in your lifetime. The comfort, space, privacy and personalized service will make it an unforgettable journey.

  • A Round-the-World Cruise

If you love the ocean, dream about staying in the finest accommodation and have always contemplated travelling the world, a luxury cruise will tick all the right boxes. Navigating the open seas will give you a real sense of getting away from the chaos and stress of everyday living.

Docking at different ports along your journey allows you to experience and soak in a wide range of cultures, climates, and cuisines within a relatively short time.


  • Sail a Private Yacht


This sounds as outlandish as private jet travel but as always, there are ways you can make it happen. It’s an excellent way to vacation if you are more interested in a micro-level sea adventure as opposed to the more extensive and weeks-long nature of an ocean cruise.

Just like private jet, this is something that would work best if you are travelling as part of a group. Private yachts vary greatly in terms of size and amenities. One of the great things about a yacht is that it’s quite similar to staying in a luxury villa rental (such as https://www.luxuryretreats.com/); the onboard service can be personalized to a much greater degree than in a hotel or cruise ship.


  • Helicopter Ride Past Soaring Skyscrapers


Compared to the other activities we’ve discussed here, a helicopter ride probably isn’t that expensive. It’s still a luxury though and the actual price will depend on where you are and how long the ride lasts.

If you live in a big city, you may not consider skyscrapers to be an exceptional sight. Nevertheless, some cities in the world have a higher than average concentration of supertall buildings and these can be enchanting when viewed up close from the air. Think about Hong Kong or Dubai, both of which are cities overflowing with towers of record-breaking height.

burj khalifa on the cheap uae

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Unless you are fortunate to be counted among the top 1% richest households in America or the world, luxury travel is unlikely to be something you can afford to do every time you want to go on vacation. Yet, luxury travel is so alluring that nearly all of us hope to be able to do it at least once in our lifetimes. By following these tips, you can make your aspiration a reality.

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