5 Random Sights when Backpacking in Tokyo, Japan

While I attempt to play catch up with myself, I will recollect my trip to Tokyo in Japan today. While I admit the city didn’t rope me in or make me love it, there were some completely odd, random and quirky things I noticed when I was there. I thought I’d share my 5 random sights with you. Backpacking in Tokyo incidentally is almost an oxymoron. Though we did hostel it and try to save cash. I was there with my mate Neil.

backpacking tokyo

Enjoying the Metro system in Tokyo – backpacking is possible here!

1. The Dog Statue, Shibuya

This dog statue has a crazy story behind it. The dog waited for its owner to get home from work every day apparently at Shibuya station. The owner always came home. One night, the dog was standing there and the owner never appeared. The dog waited, and waited, and waited. The owner never came home. A bit sad. The dog died in this spot. It’s remembered by a statue nowadays!

dog statue tokyo

The Random Dog Statue in Shibuya Tokyo Japan

2. Love Hotel Street Hill, Shibuya

Also in Shibuya, this bizarre hilly street features a load of “love hotels”. Local Japanese girls and guys get together for one night stands by booking a bed or a room for a few hours. They are all squeaky clean. I wrote about this experience before in my Thirsty Thursdays feature.

love hotel tokyo

One of many “love hotels” on Love Hotel Street Hill in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

3. Sumo Wrestling Museum, Ryokoku

I admit that on this trip we were a bit disorganised, as we missed out on the chance to attend the actual Sumo Wrestling Championships. We didn’t get in early enough for tickets and so it sold out. Crazy crazy busy time, consolation prize came in the form of a museum, which was too busy to let us in. We walked around outside for a bit…

At the Sumo Wrestling Museum in Tokyo.

At the Sumo Wrestling Museum in Tokyo.

4. Tokyo Metro

I had an absolute laugh to myself getting lost on the Tokyo Metro. It’s a great beast to negotiate! This was one time in life when I was the obvious tourist!! How is the Tokyo train system a random sight? It just is, trust me. I loved it – plus you save money on taxis – you don’t want to be taking taxis in Tokyo – the city is HUGE.

tokyo metro

Drinks on a night out in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan with Suzuki and Neil.

On the metro even if you get lost and get off at the wrong stop, you explore completely off the wall parts of Tokyo, which is how we ended up in Roppongi and some outer suburb I can’t recall! I even bumped into a follower of my blog and got “spotted” in Tokyo. I love this recent video from the Tokyo Metro – it only lasts a minute and shows the experience of being on the Metro in one of the world’s busiest and craziest cities.

There’s more on the official site: http://www.tokyometro.jp/en/

5. Cooked Food from a Machine

What? Yes – what? Cooked food from a machine? Even the likes of Hong Kong, Taipei, London and Sydney haven’t grasped the concept of a machine that cooks food for you. Is it for real? Yes – Japan and Tokyo are so futuristic that Marty McFly even looks out of place here on a hoverboard. Indulge yourself in the type of “fast food service” McDonalds wish they had invented.

tokyo japan vendors

Random street vendor in Tokyo Japan. Instant pizza!

I haven’t given Japan a chance properly and don’t worry – I will try and head back at some point. My girlfriend is actually going back next month.

backpacking in tokyo

Drinks on a night out in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan with Suzuki and Neil.

Don’t forget to fast forward your watches when you land in Narita, Japan is about 10 years ahead of us all 😉

manic street preachers tokyo

Neil and I at the Studio Coast venue in Tokyo for a Manic Street Preachers gig.

* Disclaimer – this post is entirely written by me, Jonny Blair and are my views and experiences from visiting Tokyo. This post has been sponsored by Tokyo Metro and all views expressed within it are mine.

6 thoughts on “5 Random Sights when Backpacking in Tokyo, Japan

  • That is such a sad and touching story about the dog. They are very loyal though and the dog must have been heart broken waiting for his owner. I dare say something unfortunate may have happened to the owner too.

    The metro system sounds like the way to go. I love using these around the world. Quick and relatively efficient although sometimes crowded. I dare say in Tokyo it saves a fortune in travel costs?

    That must be great to have been spotted by one of your readers? I know if I saw you walking around with a NI football shirt I’d certainly say hi.
    The Guy recently posted…Excuse Me, I’m British. Please Form A QueueMy Profile

  • Thanks the Guy – yeah – did you know there was a film made about that story? I had never heard the story until my Japanese mate took us to the dog. Sad and we’ll never know. Yes it saves money – Tokyo is NOT cheap. It was crazy Guy, I wrote about it before. The Northern Ireland top is worn a lot by me on my travels! Safe travels. Jonny

  • There are times when I simply don’t get why people fall in love with Tokyo, but I can’t help but be curious about the quirkiness of the place! I’ve read so many odd (and fun) things about Japan that the only thing I’m left to do is be curious 😀
    Marcello Arrambide recently posted…Sunset At The Galapagos IslandsMy Profile

  • Thanks Marcello. As a cheap budget traveller, it’s not a cheap place but you can certainly get by on quirky things on a budget. I’m not a big fan but thanks to some friends that live there, I may be back at some point to check out the more remote parts. Safe travels. Jonny

  • The guy, I did some googling and got the dog’s name: Hachiko: Richard Gere and Vicki Wong starred in the film: Might be worth a watch? Safe travels, Jonny

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