Take Pleasure in a Chic Yet Affordable Serviced Apartment in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

If you like being in the hustle and bustle of the city, but would always prefer to come home to a peaceful place then you’ll definitely find several accommodations in Causeway Bay that’ll give you just that. Of course, if you’re also looking into hotel-like lodging options but isn’t too keen on spending, then going for an apartment Hong Kong is your best alternative. Most serviced flats in Causeway Bay already come as fully furnished and fully managed living spaces.

hong kong causeway bay

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

A lot of people enjoy the luxuries that a hotel provides. There’s no question about that, but if you’ve been searching for a place with all those nice features, then there’s actually a much cheaper lodging option and one that’s also cost-effective. If you just know where to look, then you’ll find that Causeway Bay hosts some of the most affordable managed apartments in the city.

What to expect in a serviced flat when in Causeway Bay?

There are several exclusive dining and shopping choices when you’re in Causeway Bay and there are plenty of options for you to delve into. But these aren’t just the only perks when staying there, as it can also be easily reached through several public transportation means such as the MTR.

Hong Kong's MTR System.

Hong Kong’s MTR System.

Serviced accommodations have levelled up to hotel standards over time and they’ve managed to offer several amenities, which can also be experienced when staying in a hotel. Just look into any of The V Hotel branches in Hong Kong. All of the V apartments offer their residents with housekeeping services, and the use of their self-service laundry facilities. But that’s not all, you’ll also be particularly happy with the room selections in V Causeway Bay, as they have private roof garden apartments that open up to some of the loveliest panoramic city views.

Enjoy the comforts of being away from home in a serviced accommodation

Most people would say that “there’s no place like home”, but did you know that staying in a serviced lodging could help ease your ‘home sickness’ too? Managed flats have already been arranged to exude a “home away from home” setting. So you’ll immediately be welcomed with a spacious unit that already comes fully furnished. You’ll no longer have to trouble yourself with moving/transferring or buying new stuff because everything has already been organised for you. You just have to sit tight and enjoy the place.

Managed apartments often come with fully equipped kitchen/s. It’s one of the many features of the room that can help you save on resources. You can save money by opting out on buying food outside or ordering room service; and even save your health by cooking up fresh ingredients for a home-cooked meal. Therefore, having a cooking facility in the apartment is definitely a plus.

There are also other facilities that are worth looking forward to, like the bedroom for example. Several serviced accommodations have already prepped their sleeping chambers with some of the finest materials. Even the private bathrooms are supplied with towels and bath sets that will truly compliment your stay. So it’s just like settling in a hotel, only that it’s more affordable. The flexibility of residing in a managed apartment will give you these features, while allowing you the option to stay in your preferred number of days (you can choose to stay from a month to just half a year).

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