5 Shit Things To Do When Backpacking In Caracas, Venezuela🇻🇪

Caracas is one of the worst cities in the world and I don’t advise going there if you are backpacking Venezuela. But if for some reason you end up there, here are 5 shit things you can do in Caracas, Venezuela. And that doesn’t include doing a poo in the toilet! It is no coincidence that Caracas ryhmes with Carcass. I seriously hope Venezuela sorts its mess out sooner rather than later. The worst country so far from my 229 country wacathon journey.

5 Shit Things to Do in Caracas, Venezuela

5 Shit Things to Do in Caracas, Venezuela🇻🇪

1. Get Robbed

This isn’t difficult because you’re in Venezuela. Walk around with a load of cash and designer technology on you and you will get robbed for sure. In fact you don’t even need that. A $5 US Dollar watch is all it takes – you’ll not enjoy this moment but you get a touch of real Venezuelan culture.

Altamira district, Caracas, Venezuela🇻🇪

A Normal Trip To The Murder Capital of The World: San Cristobal to Caracas (From La Bandera to Altamira)

A Normal Trip To The Murder Capital of The World: San Cristobal to Caracas (From La Bandera to Altamira)

View from my hotel bedroom in Caracas, Venezuela

A beer in Caracas, Venezuela

2. Get Mugged

Similar to getting robbed but with more force and most likely knives and guns. Just just make sure you get out alive as these locals are dangerous. I was chased in Altamira by a fat, ugly mugger. I escaped by hiding in a cafe called Little Rock Cafe and he went the other way.

Church in Altamira in Caracas near Suriname Embassy

A church in Altamira in Caracas on route to the Suriname Embassy

Little Rock Cafe in Caracas Venezuela

The Little Rock Cafe – where I tried my Venezuelan Nachos in Caracas

Jonny Blair does Caracas nachos in Little Rock Cafe

The interior of the Little Rock Cafe in Caracas, Venezuela – venue for today’s Friday’s Featured Food of nachos

Jonny Blair at Plaza Bolivar in Caracas

A bit of sightseeing in Caracas while trying desperately to get my Suriname Visa – Plaza Bolivar here

3. Get Refused a Visa

This is a really shit one to get into as it means you can’t even leave Caracas! I struggled for days to get a Suriname visa as I had a flight out booked to Paramaribo and was basically stuck in Caracas until they gave me the visa. They kept refusing and of course the black market crash didn’t help.

Receipt for Suriname Visa

The receipt including the extra $5 charge when I got my Suriname Visa in Caracas in Venezuela

Jonny Blair getting a Suriname visa

Elation the moment I was confirmed my Suriname Visa in the Embassy in Caracas at the third time of asking!

4. Get Ripped Off

Foreigners are targets for all sorts of dangers here – one of the most lenient but still scary is getting ripped off in shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. It happened to me once, so next time I was in the same cafe, I left without paying as they weren’t even noticing. Karma is a M*eller.

Basic breakfast in Caracas

Venezuelan Nachos in the Little Rock Cafe

Friday’s Featured Food: Nachos in Caracas, Venezuela

5. Witness a Gun and Cocaine Swap

While backpacking in downtown Caracas, I witnessed a gun v cocaine stash swap. It was ridiclous. Guys came into a pawn shop and urged everyone against the wall before doing their deal. No police in sight. I had no idea what was going on.

View from my hotel bedroom in Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas remains a sad memory for me and life later plunged me into depression caused by a known serial liar. I don’t need to return to such cities. Oh oh oh life goes on…

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