5 Surprising Things You’ll Find On A Luxury Train

If you are looking for a truly unique holiday experience, you could do no better than booking a berth on a luxury train. Epic routes such as the Trans-Siberian Railway or meandering through the Swiss Alps bring you a novel way to see and enjoy the wonders of nature and when you do arrive at the train station, here are a few aspects you might find surprising.

5 Surprising Things You’ll Find On A Luxury Train

5-Star Service

If you are used to trains where you serve yourself, be prepared to be treated like royalty. Each cabin has at least two stewards who are dedicated to making your stay an enjoyable one. The restaurant car would be fully staffed, catering for your every need and wherever you happen to be on the train, you are never far from a staff member.

Air-Conditioned Sleeper

All cabins have climate control and whether you are travelling in winter or summer, your sleeping quarters will be at the right temperature. The carriages might look old, but we can assure you they are designed for royalty and have everything you would expect for 5-star travel. There are luxury rail journeys on most continents, including Europe, Asia, North & South America and Australia.

English-Speaking Staff

Regardless of which train journey you book, staff do speak at least a basic level of English. This makes for a smooth and pleasant experience and you can learn a lot about the local history of the country you are travelling through. If you would like to browse a diverse selection of epic luxury train routes, search online for a leading tour operator that offers luxury train packages. Not being able to communicate with train staff does tinge the experience, and new friendships often begin on a luxury locomotive.

The Best Views

Whether travelling across the Siberian forests or through the Swiss Alps, you get the best view in the house, as your luxurious carriage meanders through natural landscapes and backdrops. See how the land is farmed and enjoy mixing with the local people at the many stop-offs. The best way to enjoy a country is to take a 5-star luxury train journey, which places you in the best possible location to really see the land. If you would like to browse luxury train holiday packages, search online for an established luxury train tour operator and choose the journey that most appeals to you.

The Best Cuisine

A La Carte menus are standard on a luxury train, along with the finest selection of wines; the gastronomic experience of a lifetime awaits when you climb aboard a luxury train like the Trans-Siberian Express. You are going to be dining for at least 7 evenings, which gives you the chance to explore the menu, while you pass through stunning natural wilderness.

This is one thing to tick off your bucket list and with online solutions, you can make a booking for the best train experience you could possibly have. Luxury train tours are extremely popular, so book early to avoid disappointment and don’t worry, your tour operator has you covered.

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