Backpacking in South Africa: Top 6 Things to see and do in Durban

maritime museum durban

5 Things to see and do in Durban, South Africa. Check out the Maritime Museum.

My recent Africa trip had me reminiscing big time and the reality hit me that I haven’t written enough about my first trip to Africa in 2011. So much so that my visits to both Pretoria and Durban have passed the blog by completely and I’m behind with my travel tales. Before time gets the better of me again, here’s some things I did when I was in Durban, not exactly “the best of” but my 5 things to see and do in Durban. I didn’t do the bungy jump by the way – the Durban bungy stretched my budget on that occasion!

1. BAT Centre

A funky art centre by the riverfront in Durban, this place is unusual. Walking around is free. You can see artists and musicians in small shops and get talking to the locals.

art in durban south africa BAT centre

Art and funky shops in the BAT Centre in Durban. Worth a peek to get out of the usual touristy stuff.

2. The Durban Natural Science Museum

The Durban Natural Science museum is completely free! It is housed inside a building that looks like the City Hall in Belfast in my home country of Northern Ireland. Loved the fact it was a free museum!!

durban science museum

The Durban Natural Science Museum is housed in this cool building which reminded me of Belfast City Hall.

3. Ushaka Beach

Durban is famous for its coastline and there is no shortage of activities on offer. Surfing and swimming on Ushaka beach is fun.

ushaka beach durban

Relaxing on the pier by Ushaka Beach in Durban. South Africa.

There are also a load of seafood restaurants nearby and a cool shopping mall. I also bumped into a guy who makes spectacular sandcastles. Plus you can head to the Marine World and see some indoor animals – more for the kids this one – Marine World.

sandcastle ushaka beach durban

A sandcastle down on Ushaka Beach in Durban.

4. Local Pubs and Shebeens

Touring the city with my Scottish mate Macc and in the pouring rain we decided a beer was in order. Cue the excellent Three Monkeys Bar and we hopped in out of the rain for a few beers. There’s also Shebeens to check out in Durban. I wrote briefly about it on Thirsty Thursdays.

Macc in Durban

Macc outside the Three Monkeys bar in Durban.

5. Football – World Cup Stadium Moses Mabhida and Bungy

Durban hosted a load of World Cup matches in 2010 and the massive Moses Mabhida stadium is worth a look. I didn’t have the budget for the epic bungy jump, but if you feel the need go for it!! Durban Bungy!

bungy jump

Moses Mabhida Stadium – would you bungy off it?

…and actually it’s a top 6 things to see and do in Durban as I meant to include the Maritime Museum…

6. The Maritime Museum

Quirky museum by the harbour where you can get onto an old boat and check out Durban’s marine history!!

jonny blair durban

Steering a boat at the Durban Maritime Museum.

Durban is a pretty nice city to be honest, and a lot safer than Johannesberg (no offence Joberg!) so I would recommend it. Keep your eyes peeled for deals to South Africa and get your fix of places like Durban and Soweto. Safe travels one and all!

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