Thirsty Thursdays: Three Monkeys Bar in Durban, South Africa

drinking in durban south africa

Thirsty Thursdays – The Three Monkeys Bar in Durban, South Africa.

Today’s Thirsty Thursdays comes from South Africa. I backpacked down to Durban from Johannesburg in 2011 and stayed in the Happy Hippo Hostel. I met a cool Scottish dude in there called Macc. I was travelling with Grace, a lovely English lady from County Durham and we ended up in Durban (Durham to Durban!). After a spot of sightseeing and some cheap local grub, Macc and I decided it was “pub time” while Grace went looking for some cheap food in the markets and shops.

thirsty thursday in south africa durban

Rain in Durban meant we were thirsty. It was beer time for Macc and I in South Africa!

Macc and I were quick to spot the Three Monkeys Bar and Restaurant on one of the main streets in Durban. It was early afternoon, it was raining outside and…well a Scottish and a Northern Irish traveller together meant BEER! We popped inside.

three monkeys bar in durban

Thirsty Thursdays – the excellent wee local three monkeys bar in Durban where I enjoyed an afternoon beer in the rain.

I am fond of the South African Castle Milk Stout and it was generally my drink of choice while in South Africa. I didn’t find drinking in South Africa to be overly expensive in fact.

durban castle milk stout

Thirsty Thursdays in Durban – my Castle Milk Stout.

I loved the atmosphere in the Three Monkeys. Macc and I as the only two “white guys” in there were instantly recognisable and a few came over and chatted away to us.

jonny blair in durban

Yes thats me in the Three Monkeys, rough beard and all back in 2011…

This was the only pub I visited in Durban in the end, though we did have a fair few drinks in the hostel. Apologies for a short Thirsty Thursday today – I have a lot more stuff written and unfortunately due to APPLE COMPUTERS BEING THE WORST EVER then I am unable to update anymore – my computer comes on for 5 minutes then turns itself off with this type of screen.

After a great week of backpacking in China, I was hoping to get some blogging done until APPLE had other ideas. Avoid them at all costs and happy drinking in Durban!

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