6 Amazing Yet Unusual Places To Watch The Sunset

Admiring the sky post sunset at the wonderful Casapueblo in URUGUAY

I normally hate lists and especially “top fives” but I’m as hypocritical as everyone else so here goes…These are the latest craze on websites so I will be compiling a series of lists now as well, starting with sunsets. Sunsets are amazing! I love them and I love being in different places to view them. Here are 6 of the most random and unusual sunsets I’ve witnessed (in no particular order, and in no way the best, just 6 unusual ones!):

1. Sunset at Casapueblo, URUGUAY:

Casapueblo in URUGUAY – one of the most amazing places to have a beer watching the sunset

Sunset at Casapueblo is phenomenal. It was recommended to me while moving around the south coast of Uruguay. I would recommend getting a bus from Punta Del Este (a decent seaside resort to stay in!) out to Punta Ballena and walking the 2 kilometres or so down to the coast itself. There you will find the glorious Casapueblo! An exquisite, self designed, artistic seafront building which is also an art museum. Pay to get inside, walk around and then about an hour or so before sunset, get yourself a balcony seat by the bar. You can order beer and food and watch the sun go down. If you want to watch it for free, you could go to a nearby lookout spot of course, but being at Casapueblo for sunset is just incredible. My pick for sure!!! Full report here: Casapueblo

2. Sunset on Bruny Island, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA:

You can enjoy a peaceful sunset at The Neck, Bruny Island, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

Bruny Island is not the most southern Australian island, but it’s one of them. It’s a marvellous little remote island, reached by ferry from Kettering in mainland Tasmania. Get yourself up to “The Neck” for sunset. Apart from wallabies and rabbits, you may be the only person in sight. A peaceful sunset in contrast to the lively bar at Casapueblo. Bring a coat! As soon as that hot sphere fades it’s windy and chilly, especially in winter!

3. Sunset at Boscombe, Bournemouth, ENGLAND:

Watching the Sunset in Boscombe, Bournemouth, ENGLAND

I rarely post about the beauty of Bournemouth these days, but I remember how happy I was working by the beach years ago watching the sun disappear over the horizon. There are many great spots to watch this in Bournemouth (and nearby Poole) and it’s free of course. You can have a beer in a bar in Boscombe or at East Cliff. Plenty to choose from. Bournemouth is a lively party town too…

4. Sunset from The Fortress, Danxiashan, Guangdong, CHINA:

Sunset at The Fortress in Danxiashan Mountains, Guangdong, CHINA

China is graced with the most amazing countryside, villages, mountains and sunsets. There are so many places to watch the hot ball fade, but I strongly recommend the hike and climb to the top of The Fortress (near Penis Rock ) where you gather on the steep steps to watch the sun go down behind the mountains in the north of Guangdong province. This is well off the beaten track for travellers, I was the only non-Asian in the region for a couple of days, but well worth it!!

5. Sunset on Kenting Beach, TAIWAN:

I was in awe of the amazing sunset on Kenting Beach on the south east corner of TAIWAN

I just love Taiwan. It was a magical place for me as it sparked off so many new things in life. I haven’t been back since my trip there in 2009, but when I do go back I will want to make a long trip of it, such is my love for this beautiful island. On a Sunday night after a swim, a walk to the south east tip of Taiwan and a feed, myself and a travel buddy burst open a tin of beer each and toasted to the amazing sunset from Kenting Beach. It was just amazing.

6. Sunset in Lam Tin, HONG KONG:

A Skyscraping Sunset viewed from Lam Tin in HONG KONG

So Asia has 3 on this short list of unusual sunsets, that wasn’t intentional, but having done 5 sunsets with nature involved, it’s also nice to watch the sun set over a city of bulging, gaping skyscrapers such is the skyline of “The Kong”. Hong Kong does sunsets well, and there are many places to view it from, including south side of Hong Kong Island, Lamma Island and Tai O. But I’ve gone for Lam Tin as this used to be my walk every night home from work. Loved it.

So there you go – 6 random unusual places to watch the sun go down. I can’t wait for my next sunset viewing. An incredible thing to see while travelling around.

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3. Sunset in Danxiashan, CHINA:

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